Saturday, May 11, 2013

just some things...

in my future
i see lots of tires and trucks and jeeps and mud
and i'm ok with that 

in my yard
i watched a bunny hop around and wiggle it's nose on friday night
while i talked on the phone to sarah. we named him bunny-foo-foo.

in my cart
there was this sweet little boy in stripes, scowling into the sunlight
he was sitting right in front of the sign that said 'no children in basket'
but it was okay, because he just sat in it for the ride out to the car 

 in my truck
i spent an hour and a half driving around for car parts when i should
have been at a mother's day tea with my family.
but i'm thankful that steve can fix things himself on our vehicles
instead of having to over-pay for someone else to do the work

ps i have been wearing these pink pants from Gap nonstop
i think it's time for another pair in a different color

in my hand
are some new mascaras waiting to be tried out and tested
there's something so exciting about new mascara. 
seriously, i can't be the only one who thinks that?

hope your saturday was lovely. mine was a bit odd, but overall i guess it was okay.
what was your favorite thing about today?


  1. Nope, I definitely feel that way about mascara. I have the MegaPlus one in the teal container. It's pretty great!

  2. We missed you too! Loved your pictures and post tho :)

  3. I´m always trying out new mascaras and then I´m always annoyed that I didn´t buy my old one, haha! I´m super exact concerning the brushes! I can´t stand the plastic ones... I need real brushes. So... you are not the only one with mascaras as a strange habit ;-)