Sunday, May 5, 2013

running: first week of may

my running buddy :)
I managed to go running three times last week. This week I hope to go at least four times, but I was happy that I made it out as much as I did! I'm hoping that I'll still have time today to sneak in a four mile run without Riggs/the stroller, but since it's already 5:09pm I'm not sure how realistic that goal is. Laying around blogging is a good alternative though, right? ;)

As you can see my mileage increased as the week went on. My goal for next week is 2-3 three+ mile runs and 1-2 four+ mile run/s. Then the next week I'll increase it again, ect. I'm 'training' for a race at the end of the month that is about 7 miles, the Twilight 12k, so I'd like to be squeeze in at least two or three 7 mile runs before the race to see how they go. I'm not planning on pushing Riggs in the stroller during the race, so hopefully my times will be a little bit faster.

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  1. good job getting out so consistently - I think I might get the nike+ set up too. I always want to know how far I run but the phone apps never seem very accurate.