Thursday, May 16, 2013

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I always seem to accumulate so many pictures that I forget to post here or on FB. I having this blog as a space to keep a sort of record of our daily lives, it helps me remember things later when I'm going through my old blog posts and I have fun reading about what life was like 'then' and looking at pictures. I also plan on printing some blog books when I find a good coupon as sort of a family journal, which I know will be a special treasure to me. I love reading old diaries and looking at old pictures, and things I think I'll remember always seem to fade away until I look at and old picture or read some words I quickly recorded on my iPhone or here on my blog.

So anyway, I apologize if these photo-heavy blog posts annoy anyone, but ultimately my blog is for me - I guess what I'm saying is "sorry, not sorry" haha.

Mother's Day
We had such a fun day on mother's day, except for one thing...I didn't get any pictures with my 'real' camera! So dumb haha. But we did get a few fun (and blurry :P) pictures on my iPhone.

I was so thrilled to spend the day just hanging out with both my guys. Riggs was extra cuddly and I was so happy to get his kisses (or licks in some cases) and hugs. 

 We went down to the river in the rain and had fun throwing the ball for Tutka
and watching the four-wheelers and side-by-sides racing around.
Riggs looks somewhat sad in the pics but he was having fun! promise! ha

When we got home from the beach/river, my mom texted and said she and Beka were going to come out for an evening visit. I was so happy that I got to see my own mama on Mother's day!

My sis and Noah came out for a visit. It was so fun to see them and for us to just be able to hang around the house. We went outside and blew bubbles and pretended it was warmer and sunnier than it really was ;)

Sarah came and picked me and Riggs up (thank you Sarah!) for a trip into Anchorage after both our babies had their naps. We ran errands and had lots of laughs together, it was such a fun day!

Riggs got a little cheeky with Lyla - so cute! 

It was one of those days were we just hung around the house with no plans and nothing we had to do. And it was one of those days that I thought over and over about how much I love our house and where we live.

We went out into the yard to get some fresh air, and Riggs started walking down the driveway with his turtle-walker-thing. And he didn't stop, so me and Tutka just followed him down the road and around the corner until we got to the paved loop, where we turned around and headed back to the house. One car passed us the entire time we were slowly walking down the road, and they stopped to wave and smile at Riggs.

we had a bunny sighting when we got back to the house, which Riggs was very excited about.
we love our little bunny neighbors! 

we also got the bubbles out
bubbles are so fun
I think Riggs could watch them float by all day long

I also sucked it up and went out for a long run in the afternoon (despite the wind and how cozy it was inside my house ha). But I'll cover that in my weekly running 'update'.

Thursday (today)
We woke up early, and both me and Riggs got to see Steve before he left for work, which was really nice. But when Riggs gets up early (today it was 6am instead of the usual 7:15-7:30) he needs an extra nap, usually by 8:30 or else he will be in total meltdown mode all morning.

I put him in his crib at 7:50 and he literally laid down and went right to sleep. I decided that my own bed sounded pretty nice, so I snuggled in and attempted to look at Pinterest for a few minutes before I fell asleep myself. Neither of us woke up until about 9:45. It felt sooo good!

When we woke up we were both in much better moods. We played around the house a bit before getting dressed and setting out for Palmer via bike and buggy. I listened to Dead Ever After on Audible while I rode, so the 35 minute trip flew by. We saw a moose on the way, which was literally one of the first moose I've seen in our neck-of-the-woods since last year, other than the one that got his by the fuel truck near Maud Road earlier this year. I think they're a little scarce in the neighborhoods because there are so many off-leash dogs wandering around.

we stopped on the way into town to look at the cows
since Riggs is actually old enough to be able to notice them now
the little calves were so cute!

we went to Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries
our little bike buggy can hold a lot of stuff!
Only the spinach and spring greens had to go up in front with Riggy

there was a really strong headwind on the way back 
so it was slow and hard going
also pretty cold, my hands were freezing!
I kept them balled up in a fist to keep my fingers warm
I will definitely bring little gloves next time

these were the stats from the trip back to the house
my battery had died over the winter in my bike computer
and I didn't remember to get another battery until today
the trip to Palmer only took 35 minutes
the trip back took about 50 as you can see - dang wind!
overall the trip was about 16.8 miles

When I got home I made these amazing brownies and now that I'm finally done with this post I really need to go start dinner! I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, I can't wait for the weekend with Steve home. I'm really dreading the week that he starts working Saturdays too, we miss him so much when he's only home one day a week :( But I am very thankful he has such a great job with the opportunity to work so much overtime.

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  1. Such a great post... I especially love your posts when they are full with pics... you do so great because your words are always accompanied with these lovely photos!

    I don´t really like loooong posts with one single pic... it´s pretty boring, haha!

    Looks like a fun week... and... oh my... you have such a beautiful face Whitney, incredible! Love it!