In April 2006, when Steve and I were 19 years old, we bought 5.32 acres on West Hill in Homer, Alaska. We scrambled to put $6000 down (which felt like so much at the time) and financed the rest via an owner-builder loan with the intention of building a small place and living there. By the end of the summer we had cleared some trees, built an outhouse and hand dug sixteen six-foot-deep and four-foot-diamater holes for the sonotubes. Things changed and we had some growing up to do, which included abruptly moving from Homer to Anchorage, leaving our property with its foundation and outhouse behind. 
It's been ten years, and we've lived in Anchorage, bought and sold a house in Palmer, said goodbye to one beloved dog and gained another, plus two kids as well. And now we find ourselves back in Homer, ready to really put down roots in this amazing community. Follow along with us as we get to work making this land into a home for us and our family, here on the blog and on my instagram account. We are excited to share our adventure.