Friday, December 31, 2010

last day of 2010

Another year has come and gone, I cannot believe it! It has been a great year, yet with ups and downs like any other. Today was spent laying around feeling horrible for both Steve and I. We must have gotten the stomach flu or eaten something bad, as we both had stomach aches all day yesterday and were *sick* from about 10:30 last night to 3am. Steve was the worst, but he finally fell asleep at 3:30. I slept fitfully from then until 5, when I got up to try walking around. Not such a good idea, so I laid down on the futon and fell asleep there until about 9:40. We made a trip to City Market to get some juice and white bread, then came home and rested from our big "excursion." We decided to have a LOTR marathon and I am watching Return of the King as I type this. Steve is sleeping.

I felt bored around 1 this afternoon and thought I'd try sewing. I got three of my maple leaf squares done in about as many hours. It took forever because I had to rest after each short trip to the ironing board about two feet away from my recliner. We both have been extremely weak and tired all day, and weary of any food other than cold bread. I was happy to get at least something done, but decided to save any energy I had left to take care of Steve, who now has a slight fever. But we are thankful to be entering a new year with the promise of lots of good things and times to come our way.

2011 will be an exciting year for both Steve and I as he finishes his last round of classroom time for his apprenticeship (hot school) and I graduate from UAA with my bachelors degree in History. I am sure that plenty of other exciting experiences lie in our path and I cannot wait!
Here is a quick look back at 2010:

Steve and I were snowmachining almost every weekend.

I began to blog more than once a month, and also got used to commuting to campus via walking, taking the bus, and/or riding my bike. Steve and I's 5 year anniversary of our first date.

Started to get into biking more seriously. My aunt gave me a Novara Randonee - touring bike which I've since logged many miles on.

Registered for the Gold Nugget Triathlon. Biked around a bunch and struggled to finish all the end of semester paper writing without going crazy!

Completed my first ever triathlon (the Gold Nugget). It was a blast! Also participated for the first time in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, which was an amazing experience.

Logged close to 100 miles on my bike, and got a job interview at REI.

Hired on at REI. I get to work bikes in the summer and the ski wall in winter - it's been a great place to work and six months later I still love it! Also, my BFF from high school got married and I was in her wedding.

Baked my first ever loaf of homemade bread and went on to bake more bread and lots of other yummy stuff.

My first ever niece was born, and Steve and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary.

I turned 24 (scary)

I struggled once again to get through the last couple of weekes of school assignments, which was especially difficult while working and trying to finish my 25 page senior seminar paper.

Got an A in Senior Seminar! Had a very merry Christmas, and also got really sick :)

How was your 2010?
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas! It seems like last Christmas was just yesterday. I am so thankful to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Gods precious son, and cannot help but love this holiday most of all. This holiday season was especially special and full of reminders of the power of God. The total lunar eclipse was an amazing display that brought attention to how magnificent Gods creation truly is.
Steve and I stayed up and made numerous trips outside to observe the progress of the eclipse. Looking through Stevens binoculars the breathtaking beauty of the moon was even more apparent. My picture is a cell phone pic and does not even begin to do the whole process justice.
When not at work I have been baking up a storm and spending time with family as much as possible. Last night Noah spent the night with us and it was a great time as usual.
We went and looked at lights this week which was very fun and enchanting.
I hope and pray that all my friends and family have a peaceful and joyful Christmas and remember the life that we are celebrating.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Outside my window.... branches and sticks are strewn across the drifts of snow. Steve is in the yard with Beau, and is about to start my car so I can head off to work.

I am thinking...about how nice it is to have no homework lingering over my head. Also about Ladies Bible Study tonight and family arriving this weekend.

I am thankful for... cozy clothes, new wool yarn to knit into something special and warm, plenty of food to eat, and the wonderful fall weather.

From the learning rooms...nothing, hurrah! Except a little anticipation for next semester, during which my course work will be different from anything I've ever done.

I am wearing...jeans, a long sleeve tshirt, a fuzzy Patagonia zip up, and wool socks, of course.

I am nice it was when I didn't work during the holidays.

I am work in about 15 minutes. Then to Ladies Bible Study. Then to work again tomorrow. THEN to the airport to pick up Beka!

I am creating...some secret knitting projects and hopefully some sewing projects. Also lots and lots of cookies and sweets for the holidays.

I am reading... The Chronicles of Narnia from start to finish. Right now I'm on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It's still a little weird to have time for fiction, but I'm sure I will get used to it very quickly :)

I am hoping... for answered prayers and lots of Christmas memories to be made with all my family nearby.

I am hearing... coffee brewing and Steve eating a chocolate orange

On my mind... what to get everyone for Christmas - only a few more presents to go!

From the Kitchen... pork pot roast, pumpkin pies, sugar and gingerbread cookies, buttery walnut cookies, ect ect ect!

One of my favorite things... xc skiing

A few plans for the weekend... xc skiing, baking, spending time with family, reading fiction!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Done with this semester...

I'm finished with the fall semester at UAA and am happy to announce that I got a 4.0! I am so relieved about that since the only class I thought I might have a "B" in was Senior Seminar, which was also the one class I needed an "A" in to graduate with Honors in history through PHI ALPHA THETA, the history honor society. So I breathed one big sigh of relief and am now on my first day off from work post-school. I've been skiing a bunch this past week, and would go today except it is ridiculously windy and we need to wax our skis, which we will do this evening.
I've spent the entire day cleaning my house. Not just cleaning I guess, but also going through stuff and getting rid of stuff. I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, our bedroom, washed all our bedding, towels and clothes, and cleaned up our living room and put everything back in its place. Then I went through our second bedroom and threw away/got rid of about three garbage bags full of stuff. Another huge sigh of relief, since we will be moving sometime next year and need to start weeding stuff out that we don't want to move. I've also been baking cookies like crazy, and can't wait to bake even more for those who are flying in to appreciate.
Here's a few pictures of everything I've been up to:

Molasses Cookie baking...

Moose family that has been hanging out in my parents neighborhood

Skiing at Russian Jack Park with Steven


Me (and Steve) at Hiltop

The little shortcut we took at Hiltop...

It's a winter wonderland here! Hope everyone else is having a fabulous winter and a happy holiday season

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's that time of year!

I am taking a break from my studying/paper writing frenzy to post on my blog.  I put the first few presents under the tree today.  I'm so excited for school to be over so I can enjoy my favorite time of year a little more.  Here are a few fun pictures of my pathetic little tree...I think when I am done with school work I will make a little tree skirt to cover the dinky plastic tree stand.
Our little tree :)
 The reason we don't have a real you see her?
 Such a silly kitty :)