Wednesday, March 4, 2015

gloomy mornings are for walking

It has been pretty gloomy the last couple of days but we've still managed to get out in the mornings. Since Riggs has turned three, it is like everything about him is amplified. It seems as though his feelings are felt more deeply and his energy has tripled. So, we start everyday with a walk. I notice such an immense difference between the days we get out first thing and the rare days that we don't, and that difference is what gives me motivation to get out when I'm otherwise lacking. 

Usually we walk a small loop near our house but today we both just felt like going further, and so we did. Riggs would have kept going when I decided we needed to turn around, but I knew he would be getting tired soon, and I didn't want to have to carry him and his bike back home. I love his adventurous spirit and how capable he is becoming as he gets older. 

In the end we walked about two and a half miles and I think he was pretty tired out by the end. He kept stopping to rest, laying his head on his handlebars and saying, "I'm tired out, mama." I so love his sweet little face. ♥