Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain! My favorite... I just said that I would be going to sleep now on Facebook, but then I realized I hadn't updated my blog lately, and decided that sleep could wait.

The last week has been crazy. My sister bought a new house, and they closed on it Monday. This means this entire last week has been spent watching my adorable and unbelievably energetic nephew's, Corbin & Noah, while she painted, and painted, and painted and painted. Her husband had just happened to take on extra shifts, so he was gone literally 24 hours a day every day. Also, Steve is gone I stayed at my parents to be closer to Kelsey's new place. I woke up whenever the boys did each day - usually 6 or 6:30, then played all day until 8:00pm when they went to sleep, then stayed up way too late because I wanted some time to my self. Add in there a sleepover with my little sister Beka and you've got one extremely tired girl on your hands!

But I do have to add one little sister bought tickets for her and I to go to Jewel's concert on Thursday! This was like a dream come true to me! Seriously, as dorky as that sounds...I have loved Jewel's music since I was eight years old and I got her Pieces of You album at k-mart as a "payment" for mowing the yard! I still have the original cd, although it is pretty scratched. But it has been listened to millions of times. I learned to love music by listening to that album. The concert was amazing! There were tons of Homer people there to support Atz Lee opening for his sis as well, so I saw lots of people I haven't seen for almost two years! Melissa Mitchell also opened...which was awesome because I've never seen her live. She has an amazing voice! It's always good when an artist sounds better in person than on their CD. Unfortunately most popular artists today don't. We got to our seats at about 7:45pm and were there until 12:15am. I have to say - Jewel lived up to my expectations - that was one of the best experiences ever! She has an amazing voice and great songwriting skills and I never heard Atz Lee sing when I lived in Homer, so it was pretty crazy to hear him - he can sing!

Today was spent going to church, relaxing and getting ready for school to start tomorrow...and I'll though I'm happy the week is over, I made many great memories.

Now it's off to bed for me - I have a feeling that I'm going to sleep like a baby. It's raining harder outside than I've ever seen it do in AK and I've lived here my entire life! xoxo