Saturday, May 31, 2014

pregnancy update: 36(!!) weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks (28 day until my due date)

Size of Baby: Romaine Lettuce (18.5 inches and almost 6 pounds)

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: At my appointment today I was up 27 pounds according to the scale in the Midwives office (gained two pounds since my 34 week appointment). I feel so much better this time around compared to how I felt when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Riggs. I looked back in my pregnancy journal and realized I weigh twenty (20!) pounds less than I did at the same point in my pregnancy with him. So yeah, that's probably why I'm feeling better! 

Baby girl was head down at my appointment today and I was measuring about 35 cm, so just a little small/right on track. Yay!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I just got these cropped leggings (I also have the full-length version) in black and flint grey and am wearing them every single day. Kicking myself for not getting them sooner but since they have the low belly they will work post-pregnancy too. If you're pregnant you NEED these they are so so comfortable and go with everything.

Nursery: Everything is ready and waiting for her. Maybe I'll take some pictures of what we have set up for here sometime this week. I still need to pack bags - I'm hoping to get baby/diaper bag done asap and then make lists for what I will need in the other bags and get those done after 39 weeks. If I have the lists done then I'll be able to throw everything together quickly if by some miracle I go into labor earlier than my due date. I'm not counting on it though, haha (Riggs was 12 days late).

Movement: She has grown so much that now when she moves I can definitely feel limbs and most often little feet when they poke out up by my ribs. She just loves to put pressure on my ribs...

Symptoms: Most noticeable 'symptom' is braxton hicks contraction. I get them all-the-time now and they can be extremely uncomfortable to the point where I have to stop what I'm doing until they pass. Also fatigue and lack of patience in the evenings, which I'm trying really hard to control/not give into. 

Other than that I really feel great. Still sleeping well and able to get around just fine. I told Steve while we were driving home from Homer that I feel like I'm still only 30 weeks and have a while to go. This pregnancy has just flown by and it helps that I feel pretty dang good for having a nearly six pound baby in my belly.

Cravings: Juicy fruits and veggies, salads with lots of yummy toppings (that I don't have to make haha), mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate, grape chia drinks, and cold-cold water. 

My little sister cracked me up this week when she told me that she always laughs when she read this part of my post because I always say I'm 'craving' sweets - which she claims isn't a pregnancy related craving but a normal, life-long craving for me...and she's so right! But my desire for sweets is more intensified by my pregnancy and I have to be careful not to indulge too much.

What I Miss: My old clothes and not having braxton-hicks. 

Best Moment This Week: Way too many to list, this was one of the most fun weeks I've had in up to this point in 2014! Funny moments included Riggs' new reason for wanting to get out of the carseat during long road trips..."Riggy want to cuddle baby sisterrrrrrrr??!" he'll beg in a very pathetic voice. What a smart little boy to use such a sweet ploy to try and escape his backseat mini-prison.

Looking Forward to: A weekend home with Steve and spending time with my BFF who just got back from being away (and without cell reception!!!) for two weeks. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Weekend in Little Tutka Bay

I've had one of the most whirlwind weeks ever and it was wonderful! It hasn't left much time for technology of any kind, let alone blogging, and while it's been a nice little break I'm happy to be back at my desk during the quiet of nap time to share some photos and memories.

We went across the bay (from Homer) to Little Tutka (hear a radio show about it here, they interview my father-in-law) for the weekend, and it was a welcome escape from cell phone service and internet access. We were unplugged from technology but plugged into each other and dear friends and family for three days that passed by much too quickly.

Steve's dad shut down his business for the weekend and welcomed all sorts of old friends and family, who were traveling to Little Tutka for the memorial service of a long-time resident and influential member of the tiny community. Greg and his wife Sandy were Steve's family's closest neighbors (see their beautiful home in this post, here) and were both a huge part of his life growing up. Greg was loved deeply by many and is sorely missed, as was evidenced by the huge group who showed up for his memorial service. There was an element of sadness in our trip as it was Steve's first time being home since Greg passed this last winter. Greg is still so present in so many ways in the little bay and feeling his presence everywhere was very bittersweet. I feel so lucky that I got to know him for the relatively brief nine years that Steve and I have been together.

I know it was also very special for Steve to see his own son running around and exploring the very woods and beaches that he did as a child, and we had so much fun watching him get to know the area. He's been over there many times but this is his first time being there that he could walk and run and talk and truly get the feel of the place. We visited when I was pregnant with Riggs and so it was fun to be there while pregnant with this baby too. I hope we are able to make it back down after she is born before the season ends.

As usual I took lots of pictures and still wish I would have taken more. But most of the time I was busy soaking up life with my camera tucked away in it's bag rather than around my neck. I hope the beauty and serenity of this amazing place shines out through these pictures and fills you will peace as you look at each one. And if you get the chance, you should definitely visit Alaska and make a special trip to Kachemak Bay.

on the drive down we stopped for a potty break and to let Riggs stretch
his little legs. it was a beautiful afternoon so I pulled out my camera to get
a few pictures. these were taken overlooking Tern Lake right at the Seward turnoff. 

the boat ride across Kachemak Bay
and also stopping to greet friends and neighbors in Little Tutka

this handsome guy was there to greet us when we pulled up to the beach

exploring the woods and trails around Opa and Oma's house

sleeping with mama (see how bright it is at 11pm in Alaska?!)

the view from our bed/cabin
(at midnight the sun finally sets)

 perfect breakfast of fresh strawberries and sea salt dark chocolate
Riggs was excited to see that Grandma Dotti had arrived (see the sailboat?)

exploring the beach in the morning sunshine

driving the skiff with Uncle Ben

trying out the buoy swing in the back lagoon

he was obsessed with all the boats
more showed up as the memorial got underway

my nieces: Morgan and Evelyn

classic cousin pictures during the potluck

everyone who came to say goodbye to Greg & xtratufs everywhere

Riggs and Leroy-the-puggle getting good and dirty in the back lagoon

another gorgeous morning view of the Dolphin tied up at the mooring

after getting good and dirty playing on the beach it was time to
head back across to the Homer side and head home.
Riggs didn't last half the trip - being a little adventurer is exhausting!

Read more about our past Homer trips, here.

Friday, May 23, 2014

maternity session inspiration: 21 ideas for a perfect maternity session

With my due date getting closer I have what seems like an ever growing list of things to get done before baby girl makes her debut. One of the most important things that we still need to do is to have some maternity/family pictures taken. Pictures and the memories they capture are priceless to me and I love having them as special keepsakes from each of the more momentous occasions we have as a family.

I've been scouring photography blogs and Pinterest archives for maternity session inspiration and have found some adorable photo ideas, so I decided to share my most favorites here. I've organized them into broad categories and you can click each photo for a link to the source. Time to sit back, maybe with a cup of tea, and enjoy some truly beautiful photos!

Intimate in-home sessions:






Casual in-home sessions:





Outdoor photography sessions:











Session with older sibling:



I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed searching for them! I can't wait to make a list of the shots I'd like to get and have some taken. I'd love to get some at sunset like many of these, but with the sun setting at 11 pm here I'm not sure that will be too realistic. We'll see!