Tuesday, May 20, 2014

hiking the Butte

Riggs looked out the window this morning and asked if we could climb the Butte. It sounded just perfect to me, so we packed a lunch and an extra set of clothes and 'hit-ed road' (hit the road in Riggs' speak). It's still been sunny this week but it's about ten degrees cooler and breezy, perfect hiking weather for this easily-overheated pregnant mama. It was about 60 when we got to the parking lot but the entire hike is in full sun with just little bits of partial shade here and there so it felt much warmer. My hoodie lasted about five minutes before I was ripping it off, haha. 

I had no expectations for how far we would make it, since it was his first time 'having' to walk/hike the steep, dusty trail. There was no way I was going to carry him, my little backpack and my big belly was enough for me! Riggs was so excited to hike by himself, he barely even wanted my help on some of the steeper parts, he just crawled on his hands and knees where he couldn't quite make it walking. I only had to hold his hand and help him over some of the steepest parts of the trail. I can't believe how big and independent his is getting, but I love it!

I stopped to pull my camera out and take some pictures, 
and he kept himself buys by repeatedly hiking up this little hill 
and sliding back down in the dustiest part of the trail.

He stopped in this shady area and sat down for a bit.
"Havin' a break, mama," he said to me when I caught up to him.
We were all happy to sit for a few minutes, enjoying
both the view and the slight breeze swaying through the trees.
 We stopped about halfway up where the trail climbs the rocky areas
and headed back down. As you can see from the photo, Riggs was ready
to keep going, but I wasn't comfortable try to climb myself and help him.
Plus it was getting close to nap time and I wanted to make it all the way
back down without having a meltdown or whiny requests to be carried. 

Riggs enjoyed sliding/scooting down the steep parts of the trail
that had deep dusty pockets which made them hard to walk on for him.
I enjoyed picking my way down the trail at his pace rather than the faster
adult pace I'm used to with Steve or friends.

I think we brought half the Butte back to the truck with us in Riggs' shoes and clothes, I was sooo glad I brought an extra set of clothes for him since we were heading to Freddie's for groceries afterwards. I could have easily stopped back home to grab some I guess but then I probably would have lost steam for grocery shopping and just stayed home.

I'm so glad we have such a fun and beautiful hiking spot so close to our little home and I can't wait to hike there later this summer with both(!) my babies.


  1. How cute is he with his little hat on!!! And what an amazing little climber! Riggs and Ace would have so much fun on the trails, Ace wants no help, and is always eager for more. And you, I am so impressed you are out hiking!! You are a rockstar mama!!!

  2. Loks like a pefect little hike!
    Can't wait for the snow to melt so we can be out and about hiking too :)

  3. ALASKA is beautiful! I lived there for a summer and LOVED it! i never got use to the Sun never going down though:) Lovely adventure. #bloggersdigest