Wednesday, May 21, 2014

around the yard: part two

With the beautiful weather we've been having Riggs and I have been spending nearly all day every day outside. Riggs loves to explore the yard, visit the chickens, and ride his bike or drive his car down our road. I also try to come up with something new and special to do once in a while, like blowing bubbles or making a swimming pool for him out of a winter sled, like we did this weekend.

It was so hot over the weekend and getting in the water was the perfect relief. Plus it kept him in one spot so I could enjoy some reading in my new lounger - a total win-win for both of us! He also helped me fill our planters with flowers and has been helping me water them every day too. 

Every day has been filled with fun things to do and I'm so thankful for the beautiful weather we've enjoyed. There are a few very scary wildfires burning across the state now and so we've been praying for rain, which can be fun to play in too! Plus I wouldn't have to water the plants twice a day like I'e been having to with this hot, sunny weather.

around the yard: part one

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is way too cute lol. I wasn't sure what you meant by making a pool out of a sled, but the photos clarified that, haha. And his little tush is too cute, looks like you guys are having an awesome time enjoying the outdoors right now! Love your flowers too!