Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Holy cow it has been a long time since I blogged last. I've been pretty busy; busier, in fact, than I think I've ever been before. Ever. So that's why I haven't blogged. But I have the day off tomorrow and can do homework then, so I decided I could squeeze in some blogging tonight.

Lots has happened since I last blogged. My niece was born, which was pretty exciting. She was born at 7:31am, Tuesday, September 7th, 7lbs 6oz - Morgan Serena. She is so beautiful and perfect and I got to fly down as soon as I heard the news and spend some time with the new family, trying to help out as much as I could. She is now three weeks old today, can't believe how fast time flies.

Steve with week-old Morgan

The happy family the day after Morgan was born

Things have been super crazy at work, since we are in the process of switching over from our summer stuff to winter, which has been fun despite the craziness. The "official" day of the switch it snowed on the mountains and little baby flurries even floated around in Anchorage. I was and am so excited! I love winter, it's by far my favorite season. It's cold so I get to wear lots of cozy clothes and drink hot cocoa. Plus all the best holidays are in the winter, and it just feels like the best time of year. I love playing in the snow, skiing, biking, snow angels, whatever. And there is nothing, seriously nothing, like walking in the winter, feet crunching loudly in the snow, breath clearly visible, but other than the crunchy feet there is almost complete silence, like the world is a wonderful, peaceful place and you just smile and smile. (Can you tell I love winter?)

In other news, I've started knitting! I am very excited about it and have a page on Ravelry where you can check out my projects and other cool stuff. I've knit two hats so far and am in the process of knitting up some baby legs with stirrups which I know will be very cute.

Infant hat I just finished. It's even my own pattern!!

Me at the Zoo this past weekend with my nephew, Noah. He's wearing the hat I made him for his birthday and the sweater him mom (my sister) knit for his bday.

Schools been CRAZY and I just can't wait to be done, so that's all I'm going to say about that. I don't even want to think about it until I have to tomorrow when I work on the multitude of reading and writing I have to do.

What do you all love about winter?? This is a positive post, I don't want to hear any complaining!!!! So if you comment you have to mention something you love about winter :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anniversary Animal Sightings

We went to Homer for the weekend to visit family and celebrate our two year wedding anniversary.  On the way home we saw a sight that I've never seen in the 24 years I've lived in Alaska.  We wondered what all the people were pulled over looking at along side the narrow highway through Cooper Landing.
 Then Steve saw what they were looking at.  It was a brown bear, catching salmon in the Kenai River.  
 I was pretty psyched to see the big guy since I've never seen one except at the zoo.  I've only ever seen black bears.
 Didn't have the best camera, just a 12.1 megapixel point and shoot.

Friday, September 3, 2010

scary statistics

I read this on another blog and felt it worth sharing here. What do you think?

What Is The Culture In Your Home Today?
Who Is Raising Your Children?
(shared from "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families"
Stephen R. Covey)

Parent's time with kids:
-5 minutes with Dad
-20 minutes with Mom
(eating or TV)
Computer games
TV larger than life

Family Rituals
Each week a school-age child spends
-1.8 hours reading
5.6 hours doing homework
-21 hours watching TV
Adults watch 15 hours/week

Children's chance of growing up with both parents: less than 50%

Parents at Work
45-50-hour work week
More than 60% of children need day care because of parental work demands
Divorce rate 1 in 2
Single parent families increase 350%

Teachers' moral voice is silenced
Assaults on teachers up 700% since 1978

Juvenile Violent Crime
Up 500% from 1950's
Up 22% from 1990
75.8 incidents per 100,00

Most Americans know well only 3 in 5 neighbors

Extended Family
Live farther apart
Less frequent contact and involvement

60% of people feel religion is losing its influence on American life
90% feel the U.S. is slipping deeper into moral decline


September 3, 2010

Outside my window.... a chilly fall breeze is rustling the yellowing leaves of the trees under a crisp, clear blue sky.

I am thinking... about being stuck in time, not wanting to wish it away but ready to move on to a new stage in life. I seem to be stuck daydreaming about the future, and can't concentrate on today. In the back of my mind I'm also thinking about the school work I need to do to stay ahead, and all that I need to pack and get ready for heading to Homer.

I am thankful for... so much. My God who gave me life and such a beautiful world to live in. My husband who works so hard day in day out to provide for me and for our future. My family who is always there for me. Costco, for having molasses cookies just when I needed them.

From the learning rooms... I am only taking 15 credits this semester, but the work loads of each class make it feel like much more. All are upper-level history classes which require an immense amount of reading, thinking, analyzing and writing.
History 477 Senior Seminar: Two small papers based on Orwells, "Politics and the English" Language and Carr's What is History? A thirty page research paper based on the topic of my choice (but limited to Early American History)
History 321 Modern China: Three papers based on contemporary Chinese literature and two exams.
History 479 History of Native Peoples of United States and Canada: 5 papers and a research project. Six required books.
History 478 The Era of the Civil War: three exams and a research paper. Seven required texts, in addition to timetables and battlefield maps.
History 341 History of Alaska: Lots of weekly projects and short papers, multiple exams including a midterm and final. 5 required texts and also multiple scholarly articles and interactive websites.

I am wearing... the dress I wear to do housework in, plus a cardigan and my favorite Birkenstock sandals.

I am remembering... how much I have loved this summer of rain, despite how strange that may sound. I have loved it. And will always love to remember how mysterious, and wonderful and romantic and cozy each and every rainy day was and how happy I felt.

I am going... to work at 1pm. But could also being up and heading to Homer, depending on the impending birth of my new niece or nephew.

I am creating... lots and lots of historical research. The words on this blog. My dreams for the future.

I am reading... right now I am reading Many Tender Ties (Van Kirk), Battle Cry of Freedom (McPherson), What is History? (Carr), and should be reading a few other school texts.

I am hoping... my sister-in-law goes into labor today. Also that this school year flies by and we are able to follow through on all of the plans we've been scheming and whispering about as we lay side-by-side in our dark room at night.

I am hearing... the song "Grandpa" by the Judds.
Grandpa, tell me bout the good old days, sometimes it feels like this worlds gone crazy. Grandpa, take me back to yesterday when the line between right and wrong didn't seem so hazy.
Did lovers really fall in love to stay, stand beside each other come what may. What a promise really something people kept, not just something they would say and then forget. Did families really bow their heads to pray, did daddy's really never go away. Grandpa, tell me bout the good old days.
Grandpa, everything is changing fast, we call it progress, but I just don't know. And Grandpa, lets wander back into the past, and paint me the picture of long ago.
Did lovers really fall in love to stay, stand beside each other come what may. What a promise really something people kept, not just something they would say and then forget. Did families really bow their heads to pray, did daddy's really never go away. Grandpa, tell me bout the good old days.

On my mind... being a Proverbs 31 woman.

From the Kitchen... lots of bread, chocolate cake, and fishwich (red salmon cooked and turned into fish salad for sandwiches).

One of my favorite things... fall. rain. sun. snow. music. singing. I can't decide!

A few plans for the weekend... heading to Homer to work on our property, hunt for moose (Steve), watch my niece/nephew be born (at least I'm hoping), make lots of memories with family.

Photo of the day - my pretty kitty enjoying the crisp fall sunshine.