Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Holy cow it has been a long time since I blogged last. I've been pretty busy; busier, in fact, than I think I've ever been before. Ever. So that's why I haven't blogged. But I have the day off tomorrow and can do homework then, so I decided I could squeeze in some blogging tonight.

Lots has happened since I last blogged. My niece was born, which was pretty exciting. She was born at 7:31am, Tuesday, September 7th, 7lbs 6oz - Morgan Serena. She is so beautiful and perfect and I got to fly down as soon as I heard the news and spend some time with the new family, trying to help out as much as I could. She is now three weeks old today, can't believe how fast time flies.

Steve with week-old Morgan

The happy family the day after Morgan was born

Things have been super crazy at work, since we are in the process of switching over from our summer stuff to winter, which has been fun despite the craziness. The "official" day of the switch it snowed on the mountains and little baby flurries even floated around in Anchorage. I was and am so excited! I love winter, it's by far my favorite season. It's cold so I get to wear lots of cozy clothes and drink hot cocoa. Plus all the best holidays are in the winter, and it just feels like the best time of year. I love playing in the snow, skiing, biking, snow angels, whatever. And there is nothing, seriously nothing, like walking in the winter, feet crunching loudly in the snow, breath clearly visible, but other than the crunchy feet there is almost complete silence, like the world is a wonderful, peaceful place and you just smile and smile. (Can you tell I love winter?)

In other news, I've started knitting! I am very excited about it and have a page on Ravelry where you can check out my projects and other cool stuff. I've knit two hats so far and am in the process of knitting up some baby legs with stirrups which I know will be very cute.

Infant hat I just finished. It's even my own pattern!!

Me at the Zoo this past weekend with my nephew, Noah. He's wearing the hat I made him for his birthday and the sweater him mom (my sister) knit for his bday.

Schools been CRAZY and I just can't wait to be done, so that's all I'm going to say about that. I don't even want to think about it until I have to tomorrow when I work on the multitude of reading and writing I have to do.

What do you all love about winter?? This is a positive post, I don't want to hear any complaining!!!! So if you comment you have to mention something you love about winter :)


  1. I love winter for all those reasons... I love (and miss) wearing layers and being all cozy. I also love Christmastime and I am totally ready for it. Right now. The apple cider smells, the music, and the snow!!! I LOVE the silence the snow makes, and the crunch too. Sadly, the other day I noticed that walking over a bunch of little rocks that replace grass here in AZ sounds similar to the crunching of snow. So sad. Glad you updated your blog :)

  2. What is NOT to love about winter?!? :) I think one of my favorite things is when the trees have all the frost on them... and seeing all the lights... and throwing snowballs at my dogs, they love to catch them. It's pretty funny. Hope all of your homework goes well.

  3. I love being able to wear layers of cute clothes! How nice it is to not be HOT. The fresh layer of snow bending the trees is always a beautiful sight- especially while xc skiing. The smell in the air. The holidays- Thanksgiving, shopping, Christmas, my birthday :)