Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!!!!

Ok normally I love the rain. But not when it should be snowing and I should be skiing! So this rain today, which could be snow if it was only 15 degrees colder, is really making me crazy! Working everyday around beautiful skis doesn't help. boo. Plus I got some wonderful new ski boots last week for classic skiing, and I want to use them! Also, this 40 degree business makes it hard to dress properly. I'm always chilly, but not enough to need my warmest jacket. :( Just snow already! But it is Alaska, so what should I expect. Ah....back to research.

birthday fun

Saturday was my 24th birthday.  It was a great weekend of birthday fun.  Friday I went to Mamma Mia with my sister and my mom.  It was hilarious!  I wish I could have gone again with Steve...he would have died.  We got great seats - five rows from the front, thanks to house manager Bob.  I hung out with my nephews earlier that day when my sis went to get their babysitter.

Corbin - my "peanut butter jelly" 

 Me and Noah, my little snuggle worm

My gift from Kelsey, adorable! 

Watching Bugs Life with the boys... 

Saturday we got up early since we had lots to get done.  I did research all morning, until about 11am.  Then we headed out into the yard to do fall clean up.

 Me and Annabelle, enjoying the last bit of sun before winter hits

 She's a climber!

 We love raking!  not.

"Whitney" birthday party.  Me and my friend Whitney, who turned 24 Sunday (hers was golden)

What a great weekend.  Now Steve's off to work and I'm back to school, work, and research...

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Outside my window.... rain is drizzling from the low, gray clouds, soaking the heaps of leaves that litter the ground. There are about three leaves left per tree, and there is snow falling on the mountains.

I am thinking... about all of the homework I have to do. And about whether or not I should get a 29er (bike) or a fat bike...decisions, decisions...

I am thankful for... cozy clothes, new wool yarn to knit into something special and warm, plenty of food to eat, and the wonderful fall weather.

From the learning rooms... way too much homework. It's midterms this week, and I have a two-part test to study for, a 30 page senior thesis paper to get some serious writing done for, ect, ect, ect the list goes on way too long.

I am wearing... black yoga pants, black t-shirt, black Patagonia zip neck thermal and woolly REI socks.

I am remembering... how good it felt to just have work, without any school stuff.

I am going... to UAA later this evening. For now, I'm staying here and cleaning house, doing laundry and working on homework.

I am creating... lots and lots of historical research. The words on this blog. My dreams for the future.

I am reading... knitting patterns, Gold Rush Women, Co. Aytch, Son of the Revolution, and Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens.

I am hoping... to get through this semester gracefully, for next semester to go by quick, and to have a wonderful holiday season.

I am hearing... Beau growling quietly at something outside and Billie Holiday Radio on Pandora.

On my mind... way too much.

From the Kitchen... not enough.

One of my favorite things... winter. snow. Christmas. holidays. everything!

A few plans for the weekend... house sitting for my parents, relaxing, homework, knitting, baking.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello, October!

Hello there.  I'm supposed to be working on my take-home exam for History 478 The Era of the Civil War, 1850-1870.  But I haven't blogged in a week! So of course blogging is my priority, even though the test is due tomorrow by midnight and I have work from 6am - 1:30pm, then two classes from 2:30-5:15pm tomorrow.  I'll get that done eventually...

I love October.  It is really the start of winter in Alaska, at least in my opinion.  Also, it is my birthday month.  And I just love it.  This October I'm pretty slammed, what with work and school, but I'm going to try and spend as much time out in the crisp, cool air as I can.  I biked to work Monday, but haven't had the time since then.  Plus it's dark now at 6:00am, so I need to get my lighting rigged up on my bike and helmet.  Once that's done, I'm ready to roll.

It's been weird without Pepper around (Pepper was our 80 lbs labradoodle that we had to put down three weeks ago).  She really loved this time of year.  It's been really hard for Steve and I to adjust to life without her.  I got her the summer before my freshman year in high school, and from then on we were inseparable.  And with her and Steve, it was love at first sight.  The morning we put her down was probably the worst in both our lives yet, and we really miss her.  I thought I'd post some of my favorite pictures of her, to try and convey what a great personality and spirit she had...

This is us in Girdwood in October, 2006.  Like I said, she loved this time of year...

Her and Beau loved each other, it's been hard for him too since she's been gone.  We came home from work one day to find them snuggling like this, so cute!

This was just a few months ago, already a year into her illness. She LOVED bones and thought she was clever stealing the entire bag in addition to the other three she had already swiped...

Skiing with her this past winter.  She loved it!

Steve and his girl in Homer, 2005

We miss her dearly but know that it was for the best.  Pets influence and enhance our lives in so many ways, and I hope you all appreciate the time you get with yours.  We sure didn't do that enough during the time she was with us :(