Saturday, February 28, 2015

February in Reveiw

So...February. I have no idea where this month has gone. I kept meaning to write a blog post, but never actually used any of my precious free time to do so. Here I am now, playing catch-up on the last day of the month, wanting to share some of the things we've been doing this month, if only to have a record in this online journal of mine. 

It was not the best month I've ever had: the snow all melted, it's been alternating between a muddy/icy mess outside, and we have all been sick going on two weeks now. Despite that, we still had many good days, with beautiful memories made. My babies are now one month older and even when times are hard and winter drags on without snow to make it bearable, I don't want to wish away these in-between days for promise of spring (which is still months away up here). I am hoping March is easier on us, and on some of my friends and family who have had a rough month as well. 


Mat-Su Ski for Women | we rang in the month with the Ski for Women up at Government Peak Recreation Area. Riggs skied the very first bit and then both kids napped in the chariot while I pulled them behind me for the rest of the course. It was such a beautiful day, although a little too warm for my taste (over 30). The potluck afterwards was pretty amazing too, so much for to meet new people in the skiing community.

Steve went to Homer over the first weekend of the month and brought back Raina's mobile from Opa (Steve's dad). She loved it instantly, and it's such a special gift that I know she will treasure forever.

After a few days of warm temps the snow melted enough that skiing close to home wasn't really fun anymore. So we walked and hiked around. These pictures are from the Morgan Horse Trail up on Lazy Mountain.

I had to document the exorbitant amount of peanut butter-chocolate no-bakes Steve and I consumed during the first half of the month. I think I gained five pounds, I'm not even joking.

One of my favorite things about this month has been how much Riggs and Raina's relationship has blossomed. They are interacting more every day - Raina adores her big brother and thinks he's the funniest ever, and Riggs is so sweet with her: getting toys for her to play with, showing her what he's doing, hugging and kissing her, and looking at her adoringly then telling me, "I love her, mama." Oh how I love them!

Raina got an ear infection towards the beginning of the month and was extra snuggly. I was sad that she felt bad, but loved the extra snuggles. I'm so much more laid back this time around and hold her while she's sleeping so much more than I did Riggs. Partially because he slept so much better on his own but also because I worried about holding him "too much". Now that I know firsthand how fast babyhood passes, I want to savor every nap she takes in my arms or on my chest. 

Raina loves her daddy so very much and always has a few extra smiles for him, it's the sweetest thing.

Over Valentines/Presidents Day weekend we met up with my family at a cabin in Cooper Landing for a family getaway, similar to what we did over Thanksgiving last year. It was so much fun, despite me being very sick (first fever in over a year!); I just love having so much time together, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep at night. I wish we could have gotten outside more, but there was no way with how sick I was.

It was kind of a blessing in disguise to be sick over that weekend, because Steve actually had a class in Anchorage he had to go back for, and so my family was there to help me with my babies. And I got to be surrounded with people who love me even when I wear my pjs all day and go through a box of kleenex a day, haha.

This picture pretty much sums up this month's weather: icy, wet and muddy all at the same time. Poor trees are probably going to have a rough time this spring and summer. There have been buds on some trees since January, with more popping out every warm spell we have. It's just not right...

My amazing older sister watched both my babies overnight so I could get a good nights sleep and have a date night with Steve and when I went back to Anchorage to get them the next day, I got to spend some time with my nephews after school too. My oldest nephew, Corbin, has the sweetest spirit and loves little Raina so much. I looked back and this is how they were sitting, my heart just about melted!

After recovering from her ear infection for a little over a week, poor Raina was the first in the family to get the same cold/whatever that I had (followed by Steve and now Riggs). She had a fever for two days and is just now getting over her stuffy nose and ragged cough. She has been sleeping on my chest every night while I sit upright and has still slept fitfully despite being snuggled so close. We took many middle of the night steamy showers to help her breath a little better the week after her fever and I barely slept at all for three nights when she was the worst. I just felt so bad for her and am so thankful she's feeling better now.

I love getting Raina dressed up for church every Sunday, it's so much fun. She's getting big enough to sit in the pew next to Lyla until it's time to go back to nursery, I just love it!

After being sick for over a week we decided we needed to get out of the house, so we went to Anchorage. Steve had to run a few errands and I thought it would be fun to walk around downtown. Both kids had fun and Riggs was obviously thoroughly worn out, as he fell asleep before he could even finish his Great Harvest bread.

We've been getting outside so much more as a family, walking first thing in the morning and then in the late afternoon before dinner and it's done us all loads of good. The fresh air is so nice and as Riggs gets older he has so much more energy he needs to expend.

I've been trying so hard to get back into old routines, and library group is one of those routines we've been missing for the last two months. It felt great to be back at it, and I got to meet a momma of two girls and a boy on the way who read my blog, so that was fun (Hi Amanda!). 

Anyway, that was just about the longest post ever. I really hope I am able to make more time in March to blog more, I truly miss this little space so much!