Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spontaneous Brewhouse dinner = awesome!

Had a great dinner tonight at the Brewhouse with a longtime friend, Rachel. It was great to catch up and to plan upcoming events and chances to hang out! One of the best ways to get through the long, dark winters in Alaska is to find a winter activity that you enjoy. One of my favorites is riding (snowmachining or snowmobiling to some). The male members of my family have long enjoyed the occasional or more regular weekend snowmachine trips, especially when my grandparents lived in Talkeetna aka snowmachine country. Now that I'm married to Steve the snowmachine fanatic, I've been drawn into the frenzy. It's crazy how addicting it is! Every weekend I can't wait to get out and find some perfect pow to shred, or at least attempt to shred lol. I'm still getting the hang of carving, boondocking ect. There's trailriding and then there's riding, and I'm finally bridging the gap and becoming a real rider. The crew Steve and I ride with are mostly friend from church who are also sledheads. Rachel's sister and her husband are out there every weekend enjoying the sun and snow, and Rachel tags along when she's not busy. My goal of late has been to encourage (or bully lol) her into going more often, my logic being the more girls the better! Snowmachine talk at dinner led us to the great idea of having a pre-riding spaghetti feed at her place one of these upcoming Fridays, at which we will watch various snowmachine movies, movies, pig out, and share stories of past rides. I can't wait!