Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016: Family Pictures and Visiting with Santa

Merry Christmas from the Harness Family
Steve, Whitney, Riggs, Raina & Tutka

I asked my father-in-law to meet us at the property to take some family pictures for our Christmas card this year, and they turned out so well! Steve was already up there working and I knew I wouldn't be able to corner him for pictures any other time, so I decided a work-themed photo shoot would be best. I was a little bummed because I could not find Raina's bibs anywhere so she didn't end up matching us, but I still think the pictures turned out great (they were hanging on a hook in the entryway the whole time...duh).

These photos capture where we are in our lives right now so perfectly and I will cherish them forever. I'm so glad to have such talented family!

I got behind the camera to take some extra pictures of Rick with the kids too.

We also went to the Procrastonators Fair at Homer High School and I was finally able to get some pictures of the kids with Santa. They did so good actually talking to him and telling him what they wanted (their lists stayed the same, luckily). It was by far the best Santa experience to date!

Friday, December 23, 2016

through the lens: November 2016 in Review

November flew by for us, how about you guys? We saw all sorts of weather in November, and it's tempting to say that fall turned to winter during this month, as by the end it was below freezing and snowy. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house, which I've posted about separately, here.

We also changed our minds about our our building plans, and then changed our minds again - there are so many decisions to be made when it comes to building a home. We are building a smaller home right now, with plans to eventually use it as a vacation rental after we've built a slightly larger permanent family home on the other side of our property in the next five to ten years. We also want to have a shop and a pole barn on the property, which adds up to quite a few buildings, even on five acres (which really isn't very much when you have multiple home sites and want a feeling of spaciousness and privacy). We want to make sure we think through every decision thoroughly when it comes to building locations, and it takes time to make up our minds. November was full of decision making when it came to layout of buildings, and lots of dirk work to go with those decisions.

Adding his own revision to our plans.

Walks through our neighborhood and hanging out at our property

Sewing projects for Christmas, I took a break to make something for Raina


Post-friendsgiving fun with their friend Lucy

Big girl doing so much more by herself now at nearly 2.5

Muddy work days up at the property with Steve

breakfast at Duncan House Diner with Grandma Dotti

Post church (and artwork) nap...notice the pen still in her right hand.

Riggs learned how to play Go Fish

Moose everywhere

November 22: Raina nursed for the last time

Fires and lunch at the property, before we moved the Airstream down to the other lot

Scooter project

Work dates with these two guys

Winter has blanketed our property, and more moose

Lots of time and meals at the property, and lots more to come over the next couple of months!

Baking with my babies

Christmas presents for my two of my nieces, they turned out so cute!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and even though it is small, we made room for Steve's family and enjoyed having every one here in our little winter home. I missed my family of course, and my sister hosted our extended Anchorage family - I wish I could have been in two places at once! My parents were in Denver visiting my little sister and brother-in-law there.

It was a beautiful day here in Homer, and once the turkey was in the oven I went on a walk with Raina in the sunshine - it was lovely. Everyone started arriving around 3:30p and we had a lively fun time. I've really grown to love Thanksgiving more and more over the years, and this year was really special being here in Homer and hosting our family here.

Pie art that Raina 'helped' me with on the pumpkin pies

All the food: I made Turkey, two pumpkin pies and a german chocolate pie, Steve's
wonderful family brought everything else, and it was all delicious. 

Helping Grandpa Rick open some wine

Steve untangling rope with his parents - he changed in to shorts because he said it was too hot
with all the cooking going on...but kept his beanie, ha.

Steve getting bounced on in Riggs' room, it was too funny.

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of everyone together but it wasn't to be. What a wonderful evening we had celebrating family and being grateful for all that we have been blessed with.