Friday, December 9, 2016

December Nature Walks

Getting out and walking in the morning and afternoon is a daily routine for us, and we all enjoy it, even when we're only out for fifteen minutes (or even less some days). In the summer months, there are so many amazing things to find and collect and observe for the kids, but I wanted to make sure and do some focused nature walks in the winter too, focusing on some items with color that we see a lot of when there is snow on the ground.

I sketched some quick pictures and then added some color to them using colored pencils for each of the kids before we headed outside to search for them. It was a very simple activity that added a little more focus to our usual outdoor meanderings. Another day we found some icicles and they kept those outside on their play table for quite a while before they eventually were lost, and that was fun for them. Any ideas for other winter nature items that they can collect would be welcome!

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