Monday, September 19, 2016

two pixies, three salmon and a family of moose

Gotta love Riggs' style: pj shirt, pixie wings, bogs and that's it.

I was sick all weekend with a severely sore throat (I lost my voice completely by Sunday) so me and the kids stayed around the house both Saturday and Sunday other than a quick trip into town Sunday for a few groceries. We went to Save-U-More and found fairy wings and dress up skirts for under $2 a piece plus a tinker bell costume small enough to fit Raina - they haven't come off the kids yet. I'm pretty sure Riggs wore the same pajama shirt the entire weekend, both to bed and during the day, but honestly I didn't have the energy to care.

Steve went fishing with a friend on Sunday and came home with some fresh King Salmon - which we were all thrilled about. Raina ate an entire grilled tail filet on her own! The girl loves her salmon. The kids watched Steve filet the fish and then package them into bags for freezing and then "helped" him grill some and at them completely plain right off the grill at 8:30p when they were supposed to be in bed asleep. It was a fun way to end the weekend and I was happy for the learning experience it provided them as well.

We also had a cow and calf visit while we were out playing and cleaning the fish and I swear they were the most chill pair we've had visit yet. The cow didn't even look up when my kids ran around yelling and chasing each other in the circle right where I'm taking the pictures from. At one point her calf came a little too close and tried to eat right were the cow was and she sent it off with a quick nip; then looked up at me while my kids were running wild behind me and I felt a silent communication pass between us, as if despite our differences, we shared a common bond through our experiences as mothers. It was a special moment, and I stayed out and watched them for nearly half an hour after the kids lost interest and went back to watch Steve.

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