Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Through the Lens: Spring & Summer 2016

A few of our life through the lens of my DSLR: May through September.

PALMER: our 'old house', which we sold in June
1 | fun in the play tent   2 | reading together   3 | getting familiar with the potty   4 | "What's in there?"

HOMER SPIT: July in Homer
1 | my baby girl is two   2 | the beach is fun

1 | Raina during nap time  

OUR PROPERTY: august - west hill, homer
1 | working late nearly every night after kids are in bed   2 | beautiful sunsets   3 | coming in for the night to see the sweet sleeping faces of my big boy   4 | Riggs at four years old: scrapes and bandaids everyday

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