Monday, December 19, 2016

through the lens: October 2016 in Review

October was quite a month for our family. We moved from the Airstream to our cozy winter rental, I turned 30 and subsequently dealt with Raina's first stomach flu while traveling, and the first fluffy flakes of the winter fell. I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos from the month that give a good feel for what we were up to.

 *moved to our winter rental out East End Road

 *fall arrived in full swing and we had to break out the mittens and hats

 *lots of walks and strider expeditions in the beautiful fall weather we enjoyed

 *Riggs learned out to ride his pedal bike

 *we finally started trying out the churches in Homer to find a good fit for our family...

 *the first snow

*I managed to do THIS to my moms hand mixer - don't ask me how. 
Suffice it to say I bought her a new one.

 *spent some time with our Anchorage cousins and arrived just in time for the first snow there as well

 *spent my birthday eve with my babies shopping/dining/movie watching our way around Anchorage.
We saw Pete's Dragon at Bear's Tooth - such a great movie and yes I cried.

 *spent my actually birthday up all night with my very sick baby girl who threw up every twenty minutes all night and then sporadically throughout the rest of the day. Attempted a Costco run on our mad dash back to Homer - not the best idea as Raina threw up all over herself and her stroller halfway through. But we made it home and managed to get some groceries before puke-pocolypse so there's that.

 *Riggs and Raina had a 'puzzle party day' (Riggs' name for it) where they put together every puzzle they had and spread them all over the living room floor like one giant rug, the dominos included. 

Steve also finished his six-month work call with Homer Electric Association about a week into October and was able to start working full time on projects up at our property. He spent the remainder of the month getting organized up there and doing dirt work in preparation for beginning construction on our new home/cabin. And then we ended the month with Halloween, which you can read about in a separate post here. It was an eventful month but I can't say we weren't all excited to see what November had in store for us.

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