Sunday, December 18, 2016

Halloween 2016

Forgive me for going back in time to post all the things we've been up to over the last couple of months but haven't made time to post about. I'm motivated now to work through these posts so I figure I'd better take advantage, and motivation can be fleeting!

We had a pretty low-key halloween this year, but it was fun to have the kids more involved in picking out the 'theme' for the year and helping me collect and craft together the various elements of their costumes. We have been doing corresponding costumes for the kids since Raina was born and we all have fun with it. I'm hoping the kids especially continue to see the extra fun in coordinating so that we can continue the tradition indefinitely as they get older. (Just for fun, you can view our Halloweens of years past, here: 201220132014, 2015 - no blog post but it's somewhere in my IG archives).

We settled on a Neverland theme this year and Riggs began collecting things to get dress up as Peter Pan and Raina was excited to be a sassy little pixie (sooooo fitting for her ha). I actually went against my policy of no store bought costumes simply because I had just purchased a green fairy/pixie no-brand dress up set at Costco a couple of weeks before Halloween and it was perfect for Raina's costume. Also Riggs was actually wearing a Disney brand Peter Pan shirt that we bought at a consignment sale last year for dress up, but everything else Riggs wore for his costume was from our dress-up stash and his own regular clothing. A few days before Halloween we sat down together and sewed up a quick felt hat for him and that completed his costume.

The entire week before Halloween was spent celebrating, so much fun! In retrospect I do wish we would have purchased a couple of pumpkins to carve with Steve on Halloween Eve, but there were none to be found in the entire town. Small town Alaska problems ha.

Carving pumpkins at Grandma & Grandpas with their Homer cousins:

 Monster masks they made at Library Group:

 All finished with our sewing project:

 Wearing their favorite parts of their costumes before Halloween:

 Jack'o'lantern dreams on Halloween Eve:

It's finally Halloween! Dressed in their costumes and ready to go at 7:30a lucky me haha:

Sleepy Tink:

Taking a little rest from Trick or Treating in the Children's Library:

Trick or Treating at the Pratt Homestead Cabin:

We were out and about all day and did the majority of our Trick or Treating in town, stopping at the Library, the grandma's workplaces, K-Bay Caffe (of course) and the Pratt Museum, before heading home for dinner. Then we went next door to our landlords to ring the doorbell - "You know, like they do in Charlie Brown's Halloween, Mama" - and visit with them for a bit before heading home and saying goodnight to Halloween 2016. 

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