Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween two-thousand-and-fourteen. I just want to keep saying (typing?) it, mostly because it rhymes and I like things that rhyme. We had a fun Halloween 'season' this year, complete with decorations and costumes planned ahead of time. What wasn't planned ahead of time was how sick poor Riggs would be on Halloween, but we still ended up having a pretty good day. It helped that we celebrated all week long.

We started with a Halloween celebration at Library Group on Tuesday. Riggs shocked me and happily wore his mask and tail, which for the record, I didn't make. I purchased them from Opposite of Far, which also carries lots of other amazing animal masks. Anyway, he wore them proudly during all the book reading, craft making, and snack eating. He chose not to wear them the second I tried to take some pictures of him and Raina out on the lawn in the sunshine. Of course. I managed to get one before he ripped it off and threw it on the ground. It wasn't meant to be anyway, because the sun was so bright that poor little red riding hood couldn't even open her eyes. 

Then Wednesday we had a little Halloween Party at Nancy's house. We planned it so that the kids would have a fun place to wear their costumes. Only problem? None of them would wear them, haha. The only ones who wore costumes were the babies who were too young to protest. We still had a great time and ate lots of yummy fall treats.

Riggs loved little Gyffy and barely left his side the whole time.
He also got in a rage over Nancy's son Griffin trying to 'wake
Gyffy up' by moving one of the nine pillows Riggs had stacked
on top of him while 'putting him to sleep' on the couch. toddler problems...
Thursday and Friday were pretty much a blur. Riggs woke up Thursday with a fever which quickly climbed up to 103.8 and hovered there for way too long. I was so sad about how bad my little guy felt, and wished I could have done something to make him feel normal again. Halloween morning he was still feverish and miserable but after a long nap he seemed to be on the mend, other than a racking cough. I dressed them up so Steve could see their cute little costumes and to take some 'official' Halloween pictures, then we came inside to snuggle. No trick-or-treating (or 'tricker treating', as I saw on quite a few IG posts, haha) for us this year, and not a single trick-or-treater came to our door either.

Despite Riggs being sick we had a pretty fun year. I think next year he will be old enough to go trick-or-treating with Steve, although our neighborhood is so rural and spread out that I'm not sure how many people would actually be ready with candy. Last year we went to town to the Halloween Carnival put on in the Fire-station, and that was fun (and for those of you who clicked back to see my post, how cute was Riggs as a hobbit?!). I was also thinking it would be fun to go to Anchorage and let Riggs trick-or-treat with his big cousins, I know he would love that!

I also plan on brainstorming months ahead of time for what matching costumes I can come up with for the kids. I thought it was so fun to have their costumes coordinate, and I know there's only so much time I have to do so before they don't want to match.

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe Halloween weekend filled with fun and lots of your kids' halloween candy. I leave you with this adorable picture of a cute little baby bat we found on our doorstep back on Halloween 2012...


  1. Oh, poor sick little Riggling. They both look so adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness, your kiddos costumes are SO cute!!! I love the theme! What a bummer that your little man wasn't feeling well. :-(

  3. Oh myyy! So cute!!! And I totally vote to come to Anchorage and trick or treat, candy candy and more candy :)