Tuesday, October 28, 2014

currently {vol. 7}

c u r r e n t l y

t h i n k i n g  *  we have a lot going on this week and so all day I've had thoughts, ideas and to-dos swirling around in my head. I have a whole lot of list making I need to do tonight after our babies are in bed. Good thing I love making lists!

I've also been thinking a lot about my fitness goals and how much I've not been making them a priortity lately. One of my goals is to run two to three times a week and so this morning I forced myself to pack up the kids, lace up my shoes, and head out into the cold, dark morning. It's such a great way to start the day but at the time feels like so much work. I'm so glad I went!

d r e a m i n g  *  some of those jumbled thoughts I talked about earlier are all about winter and the upcoming holiday season. I've been dreaming about snowy days and snowy nights. skiing adventures. weekend getaways with family. christmas carols. pine boughs garlands on my front porch. finding the perfect tree with my love. pinterest craft parties. cookie baking marathons. It's a Wonderful Life. picking out the perfect Christmas card design and then addressing each envelope with warm thoughts for each recipient. 

the list goes on and on. I've been trying to hold off on pinning Christmas-related things but this week I finally caved in and pinned something Christmas-y. Sorry, not sorry haha.

o r g a n i z i n g  *  in the hopes & plans post I typed up last week I mentioned getting ready for winter. I'm still working on it, including going through our snow clothes and figuring out what each of us needs this year to make it through the winter. 

I also did a little stroller DIY today to keep my babies extra warm and cozy while we stroll about this winter. We went on a run this morning and I realized how irritating it is to drag a blanket in and out of the house for them to sit on. So I cut out some sherpa I had and made little seat covers for them. I based it off the one you can buy for your BOB stroller, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. now I'll just have to see how it holds up...

l a u g h i n g  *  about all the little things Riggs has been saying lately. he's my entertainment for the day. I'm trying to remember to write down the funniest things he's said in the little journal I have for him. It's so easy to forget things, especially now that I have two babies to keep track of!

Riggs talks so much right now and has his own way of pronouncing quite a few words. Some of my favorites are 'baboon' for balloon, 'gargage' for garage, 'gorgot' for forgot, 'debotions' for devotions, 'winkle' for twinkle, 'howt' for heart, and so many more.

r e a d i n g  *  lots and lots of children's books. lots and lots and lots. Riggs is so into the Berenstain Bears and Little Critter right now, and I'm happy to read as many books as many times as he asks me to (most of the time haha). I would love to read a book for myself but I have so much else going on and no motivation to go out and find something interesting. It's sad.

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  1. I LOVED the Berenstain Bears growing up! Some of the best :) Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Oh, and I don't think it gets much cuter than seeing those two cuties all bundled up!!!

  2. Ev loves the Berenstain Bears right now too - she calls them 'the family bears.' And says 'tinkle' for twinkle. Lol.

  3. Ah I just loved reading this post! Number one you are so inspiring with your running!! Amazing! I neeeeed to get up early and get my fitness on! I also love the sounds of your dreaming, I am so looking forward to Christmas this year, I feel like with two kiddos now we can really start implementing our own traditions that are just ours and don't involve the rest of our family :) Totally love your stroller diy too, I also meant to tell you that if you really do open an etsy shop and sell the little stroller blanket you made for Raina I will buy one in a heartbeat! Love Riggs little words! "debotions" ahhhh so cute!

  4. Oh my gosh- your weather gadget (is it a gadget? I don't know but it sounds good!) says it is 17.3 degrees there!! BRRRRR!!! No wonder you need to bundle those babies up! What a great idea lining the stroller seats with sherpa! You are so crafty! Is that snow on the side of the road?

  5. I love what you did with the strollers! They look so cozy now! And I've already been pinning away with the Christmas stuff, I can't help it. This is my favorite season :) And I loooove toddler talk, I could just picture how Riggs says those words because the pronunciations sound so similar to my boys.