Monday, October 6, 2014

holding her close: National Babywearing Week

It's National Babywearing Week this week and I wanted to participate not only by wearing both my babies but also by sharing my experiences over the past couple of years with a variety of carriers. I loved carrying Riggs when he was a baby, just to hold him close. But now that I have two, babywearing is often a necessity if I want to get anything done. 

This includes around the house, when I need to get chores done and one (or both) of the babies needs to cuddle. I don't think dinner would have been made the first two months after Raina was born with out wearing her.

I also tend to use a carrier when I'm grocery shopping or out somewhere that I need to wait in line, like the post office. Riggs is still young enough that waiting in a long line can be difficult for him. Strapping him on in the Ergo is such a great solution because it keeps him close and is a great chance to physically connect with him, which doesn't happen as much as it used to. 

Compared to some mamas, I'm not a babywearing expert by any means. But I have tried out a few different carrier types and brands and have found I definitely prefer some to others. Here's my list of carriers I've used and my notes on each of them. 

| |  Solly Baby Wrap  | |

I n f o r m a t i o n :
The Solly Baby wrap was created by a mom who was frustrated with some of the carriers she had used. She experimented with fabrics until she found the perfect fit for her and her baby, and then started making them as business. That business has grown quickly and now is her and her husbands main form of employment and support for their family. Solly Baby Wraps are intended for use during the first year of a babies life, but are safe up to 25 lbs. 

Price: $65

Solly Baby website: click here
Solly Baby instagram: click here

D i d  L i k e :
This wrap is amazing. I don't think words can describe how perfect the fabric is. It's soft and lightweight and the colors are just beautiful. I thought I was done with wraps after trying the Moby Wrap (which I have included in this post, a little further down the page), but this wrap has completely changed my mind. I love carrying Raina in it both when she's awake and asleep, it feels vey secure without being constricting. 

Owner Elle also provides a variety of instructional videos on the website that make it very easy to learn how to correctly and safely use your new wrap. 

D i d n ' t  L i k e :
There isn't really anything negative I can say about this wrap, except that I wish it came in even more colors.

V e r d i c t :
The Solly Baby Wrap is extremely high quality and I strongly recommend it as a must-have for anybody with an infant.

this picture leads me to my next favorite carrier...

| |  ErgoBaby Carrier  | |

The ErgoBaby is what's referred to as a soft structured carrier and is ergonomically designed to safely position your babies hips while they are being carried. It comes in a variety of different styles and is designed for use from 12-45 lbs. You can also purchase an infant insert to use with the ErgoBaby carrier from 7-12 lbs. 

Price: $120+

ErgoBaby website: click here

D i d  L i k e :
The ErgoBaby carrier was my favorite with Riggs. I used it from when he was about two and a half months on (I still use it for him). It's easy to strap on, very secure and also extremely adjustable. Steve and I both use the same carrier and it takes just seconds to adjust the straps to fit either Steve's taller frame or me. I also like the zipper pocket, as I'm often hiking or skiing while wearing it and need somewhere secure to store my keys. 

D i d n ' t  L i k e :
If I could change one things about the ErgoBaby carrier it would be for it to have a longer panel for carrying toddlers/supporting them while they're sleeping. This is why many people prefer the Tula carrier over the Ergo. I've never owned a Tula and since I already have an Ergo I'm happy to keep it for now. 

V e r d i c t :
The ErgoBaby Carrier is a favorite and in my opinion a soft-structured carrier is a must-have for anyone with an infant or toddler.

| |  Baby K'tan  | |

The Baby K'tan is a wrap-sling hybrid. It is easier to put on than a wrap and can be used in a variety of different hold positions. They are also very economical and come in a variety of colors and in different sizes for safety and comfort. The Baby K'tan is safe for use from 8 to 45 lbs.

Price: $49.95+

Baby K'tan website: click here

D i d  L i k e :
The K'tan was the first wrap/sling I used with Raina after only using the Moby Wrap and the Ergo Baby with Riggs. I loved it! It was so easy to put on and position Raina, and I loved the color I get as well as the reasonable price. I also loved that because it was resonably priced, I didn't worry a bit about it getting dirty when out and about, like when we were berry picking and I smushed at least a few berries into the fabric of the K'tan. I absolutely loved this carrier for the newborn phase when I was taking her in and out multiple times a day.

D i d n ' t  L i k e :
The K'tan comes in two pieces, one that wraps around the main carrier for when baby is a bit bigger. It seemed very inconvenient to keep track of both pieces when we were out and about. Also, the sizing is a bit tricky. I have a long torso so I figured I'd need at least the medium. But I realized that I probably should have gotten the small, because after using it for about an hour or so, it stretched out and Raina would often be too low in the 'pouch' to make me feel safe. Also it was not as secure (in my opinion) as the Solly Baby Wrap, which is one piece, when I'd bend over and move about. I felt like I always needed one hand free to secure her head. The fabric is also heavy weight and got pretty hot at times (they do offer wraps in a variety of fabrics, I had the original). 

V e r d i c t :
The Baby K'tan is still a great option for new moms looking for an easy-to-use carrier for their young infant.

you can kind of see how low it sags in this photo

| |  Moby Wrap  | |

The Moby Wrap is very similar to the Solly Baby wrap except for the material. It has been around for quite a while and is a favorite of a lot of babywearing mamas. Intended for babies 8 - 35lbs. 

Price: $44.95+

Moby Wrap website: click here

D i d  L i k e :
It held Riggs close to my body and felt very secure. It is also the most economically priced of all the carriers included in my round up. 

D i d n ' t  L i k e :
While it was secure feeling, it was also very confining. The fabric is a thick cotton which is very stiff feeling and hot, and was also harder to keep straight while wrapping for me, compared to the light fabric of the Solly Baby wrap. I also didn't love the color choices (at the time - they have more now).

V e r d i c t :
The Moby Wrap might be the choice of other mamas but I would rather pay extra for the Solly Baby Wrap.

| |  full-frame backpacks  | |

Metal framed baby carrier backpacks are an essential item to have around if you hike a lot, especially with heavier toddlers. I'm not reviewing a specific brand today, as we've had a few different brands and they're pretty similar, it's mostly based on user preference and what you're looking for in a pack. Osprey, Dueter and Kelty are a few of the most well-known brands, you can learn which is the best pick for you buy visiting your local sporting goods store, like REI

Price: $189+

REI's online baby backpack shop: click here

These are just my opinions of course and I wasn't paid or sponsored by any of the carrier companies to write this post. I'd love to hear what carriers you all love and if you've written a similar post please leave a link to it in the comments so I can come on over and visit!


  1. Love this! I love my K'Tan the best I think, I never got the hang of the Moby, but I'm going to try it again. I really want one of those beautiful woven wrap style carriers I see. I want to put one of my guys on my back. I think that might be helpful. I might do a little blog post about our carriers, you've inspired me!

  2. This is so great! I love the reviews. I'll need to check out the solly wrap - sounds like it's perfect for extended day wear. :)