Wednesday, October 8, 2014

365 project: Riggs in 2013

I finally finished putting together the slideshow/video for Riggs' 365 project from 2013. I'm excited to share it here with you guys. Participating in a 365 project the year he was born is what helped me to grow so much in my picture taking skills, I'm so glad I did it. That being said, I'm not doing the same thing for Raina. I feel like I should technically feel bad about this, but I don't.

I take a lot of pictures of her too, enough that I don't feel like she'll be missing from our family photo albums or anything. And I take multiple pictures of both kids every single day at least 98% of the time. I'm just not going to be logging them on a separate blog. I will make a similar video of her first year in photos though, just because I love the process of making them and I think it's a great alternative to looking at the photos in an album.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here's a picture a day of my sweet boy (who slept much better last night) in 2013:

To see Riggs' 365 project from 2012, click here.

To see other video compilations I've made of Riggs, click here, here and here


  1. That was so sweet. I cant wait to see the one from this year. I cant believe Riggy is so big and old and that now you have TWO! Love you <3

  2. I know, time goes by too fast! Although I'm glad for one reason, it means you'll be home sooner than it seems like! xoxo