Sunday, October 5, 2014

weekending: fall festival at the reindeer farm

The Reindeer Farm on Bodenburg Loop is open again this year every Saturday in October for fall festival fun for the whole family. Steve was working (boo) but we went anyway and met friends there right after they opened at 10am. It snowed last night but by the time we got there it was already starting to melt, and the sun was even peeking out from behind the clouds.

 Perfect day for a fall festival, before fall is gone for good!
We moved Raina to the back seat and she seemed to do pretty good.
I think she likes to see her big brother riding along next to her.

Griffin and Riggs were so excited to explore the 'pumpkin patch' ♥

 Pony rides of the real and plastic variety...

Raina was there too. She slept most of the time.
She did wake up in the barn to watch the boys
play in the corn. Life as a baby is so exciting!

It was a great way to spend the morning, and best of all, I actually got to interact with adults instead of just watching the kids have fun! All that fall fun wore them out so much that Riggs fell asleep during the five minute (if that) drive home.

If you're an Alaskan friend I highly suggest making it out for one of the Saturdays they are open in October. See some pictures from our other visits to the Reindeer Farm, here and here.

Riggs has had a stuffy nose and sore throat for the last two days and last night Steve and I both got hit with it too. It was a restless night and to top things off Raina woke up really stuffy this morning too. So no church for us, looks like we'll be miserable little hermits for the day. Hope your Sunday is at least more healthy than ours!


  1. Love these pictures! The reindeer farm was so fun to visit. And I can't believe that snow! The first snow was always so exciting.
    ps. I'm kind of jealous of Rigg's outfit.

  2. Oh my gosh, I just love all of these pictures, it looks so festive and fall there!! Actually is that snow I see on the ground? ;) It's getting close to snowfall here too!! Where is Raina's little hat with the bow from? I must get one for S! :) Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!! I hope you're all feeling better asap! xo

  3. So sweet. Your pictures are absolutely precious - looks like an amazing time :) Can't believe you guys had some snowfall! Ah!

  4. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine going to the pumpkin patch with snow on the ground!!!

  5. What a sweet day spent! Was that early for snow fall or is that typical for you guys? What a cute pumpkin patch. PS your family is PRECIOUS!