Monday, November 10, 2014

Raina Grace: four month update

In case you're a little rusty on your math, four months equals one third of a year. How did this happen?! Four months sounds so final, so old, so not newborn-ish. While I have been mourning Raina's newness a lot lately, I have also been so enthralled by all the wonderful things she is learning and doing as she gets older.

She has grown so much this month - I've noticed that suddenly her 3-6 month sized clothes are fitting a little more snugly and much more shorter than they did just a few weeks ago. She's up to 15.12 lbs (75th percentile) and is 26 inches long (98th percentile). According to her pediatrician, she's practically perfect in every way (which I wholeheartedly agree with of course) and right on track for where she should be at four months developmentally.

Here are a few highlights from her fourth month of life...

loving her snug seat
she spends about 15 to 30 minutes at a time in her seat every day and really enjoys being in the kitchen with me (I know, I know, the warning label says not to put them up on the counter, but I don't leave her up there unattended)

 sleeping in her crib for naps
I rearranged Riggs room and bought him a twin mattress so that we could set the crib back up. I put Raina in her crib for naps where she sleeps for 2+ hours twice a day. I always put her down while she's sleepy but still awake and so far she seems to be a great sleeper just like Riggs was.

drooling, a lot
This girl is a drooler. She can soak a flannel bib in under half an hour, haha. 

She has the sweetest smile and is the happiest little baby, just smiling all the time at anyone or anything that catches her eye.

loving her big brother
She adores her big brother and although she is definitely her own little person I see so many similarities between her and Riggs. I stayed at my parents the other night and both babies ended up in bed with me. I took this picture at 3am because I was so amused by how they were both sleeping the exact same way. Heads back, arms out, knees bent and ankles crossed. So sweet!

link to Riggs' four month update, here.


  1. I'm very rusty on my math but I think four months is a third of year!
    Your kids look so similar in the last pic, wow!

  2. haha I just saw this...obviously I'm the one who is a little rusty on my math! Thanks for pointing that out for me :)