Friday, November 21, 2014

us + changing leaves + the banks of the Matanuska River

Some of my favorite memories as a family have been made outside, wandering and exploring the trails and beaches that surround us in this valley we call home. No distractions, no walls holding us in, just endless miles of landscape for us to cover together.

Sometimes I struggle with balancing being fully in the moment and attempting to document the beauty around me through photographs. Often I have to force myself to leave my camera in my pocket (iPhone) or in the bag until we reach our destination, or until certain points along the trail that are especially picturesque.

Then there are other times that I get carried away taking pictures, upload them right away and then somehow forget all about them. Months later I'll be scrolling through files and find a set of pictures hidden away in a folder with only a date to describe them. That's what happened with these from early in September. I found them again a few weeks ago, and vowed to edit and post them soon. Today I finally got around to editing them and wanted to share them before I forget again. The leaves are long gone now and there's (still) no snow, so having these photos to look back on is especially nice right about now.


  1. Oh, these are beautiful. I love your editing style. And the orange bush makes it look like you're sitting around a fire at first glance! So fun. We love the outdoors too and already wish we could relive those gorgeous weeks we had in October.

  2. Whitney these pictures are beautiful! You are very talented. And your family is beautiful as well. I'm very inspired by how much you get out and enjoy this amazing state regularly. We haven't been on a hike since Hazel was born and this makes me want to get out there today!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! What a fun family adventure too!

  4. These family photos are beautiful! The scenery's not too shabby either :)