Friday, December 16, 2016

Out With The (C) old, in With The New

If you follow my Instagram or have spoken with me recently in person, you probably already know we moved out of the Airstream and into a rental for the rest of the winter. We spent four months in the Airstream and it worked so well for the summer and early fall. When it started to get cold enough that we needed to get up in the middle of the night and run the generator to have heat (because the battery was only lasting half the night even set at 55 degrees F) we decided it would be best to find a seasonal rental. Not just best for us, but for the Airstream as well, since winter is prime time for moisture problems to arise in a trailer.

Luckily seasonal winter rentals are easy to find in Homer after summer ends, since there are so many vacation rentals the close down for the winter. We found a place that is perfect for us, two bedrooms, one bathroom (shower only) that's furnished but not overly decorated so that we wouldn't have to watch the kids' every move. Plus they allow Tutka, have a washer and dryer, and all utilities are included in the rent, which is great from a budget perspective. We know exactly how much to budget for each month, verses having varying utility payments, which can be pretty spendy here in the winter.

It has been working out so well to have a little home base for the winter and for the holidays especially since we were gone for Christmas last year and so it feels like it's been forever since we had a 'real' Christmas. We have been here since October first and I've had this post in my drafts since about the middle of October, but for some reason haven't found the time to sit down and finish it. I have so many things to share here in my little space and have had the urge to post to my blog multiple times a week since winter began in ernest. I hope I will be able to post less sporadically, but every time I'm able to sit down and share something in this space, it makes my heart happy, even if it's only every couple of months.

The stairs up to our little space, with a big porch for Tutka and the kids to hang out on.

 It's not huge but it feels like it after the Airstream. 
top to bottom: Raina's room, Riggs' room, reading with dad is still the same, 
and the view into the kitchen from the living room.

 Arts & crafts are a new favorite and our reel end table Steve made for our Palmer house
has quickly become the kids' favorite spot for working on art/'paperwork'

 We get beautiful sunrises and moonrises, I'm not sure which is my favorite. 

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