Monday, October 25, 2010

birthday fun

Saturday was my 24th birthday.  It was a great weekend of birthday fun.  Friday I went to Mamma Mia with my sister and my mom.  It was hilarious!  I wish I could have gone again with Steve...he would have died.  We got great seats - five rows from the front, thanks to house manager Bob.  I hung out with my nephews earlier that day when my sis went to get their babysitter.

Corbin - my "peanut butter jelly" 

 Me and Noah, my little snuggle worm

My gift from Kelsey, adorable! 

Watching Bugs Life with the boys... 

Saturday we got up early since we had lots to get done.  I did research all morning, until about 11am.  Then we headed out into the yard to do fall clean up.

 Me and Annabelle, enjoying the last bit of sun before winter hits

 She's a climber!

 We love raking!  not.

"Whitney" birthday party.  Me and my friend Whitney, who turned 24 Sunday (hers was golden)

What a great weekend.  Now Steve's off to work and I'm back to school, work, and research...


  1. What are you researching? Maybe I should know the answer to this?

  2. I'm getting my bachelors in History, and I'm busy working on my 30 page senior thesis paper, which I'm writing about Andrew Jackson's early life. Hope your school work is going well :)