Friday, May 2, 2014

32 weeks/eight (8!) months

How Far Along? 32 weeks - 55 days until my estimated due date!

Size of Baby: Jicama - I don't even know what that is haha (about 16.7 inches and 3.75 pounds)

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: As of my appointment Tuesday up 23 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Still loving dresses and skirts. I picked up a few non-maternity dresses at Old Navy the other day that will work really well for post-partum/breastfeeding. This one I loved but didn't get and am now sort of regretting it. It barely stretched over my belly (it's not maternity) but I think it would be really nice to have for those first couple of months post baby. Thoughts?

Nursery: Not much new to share this week. I did order a few things off Etsy for baby girl that I'm pretty excited about, including a gorgeous swaddle blanket that I can't wait to wrap her up in. I am so in love with the floral print. Plus I also got a few headbands :)

Movement: Still a lot of movement but it's felt different lately. Which makes sense now after finding out at my appointment Tuesday that she's in the transverse breech position. My midwife says she should still have plenty of room to turn, which they'd like to see happen by 36 weeks. I'm surprised since she was head down at my last appointment two weeks ago and Riggs was always head down from like 25 weeks on. Hopefully she'll get into head down position on her own, but we went over the other options just in case. They can try a version (at the hospital using a variety of monitoring devices the entire time to keep track of chord location and how baby is reacting), but if that doesn't work, the midwives recommend a scheduled c-section. There is only one perinatal specialist in the Anchorage/Mat-su area that will even attempt a vaginal delivery, and even then she has a whole ist of criteria you must meet to attempt it. I've thought about it a lot and if for some reason she is still breech I will probably opt for a scheduled c-section. Hopefully she's turn and we won't have to worry about it!

Symptoms: Feeling great. Braxton hicks happen all the time and are more uncomfortable with her being sideways in there. Sleeping really well despite feeling stiff and sick of lying on my side. 

Cravings: Chips, chocolate (but it's pretty much a no-no since it's the only thing that will give me heartburn), smoothies, and ice-cream. 

What I Miss: Feeling normal. Despite feeling very good for an 8-month pregnant lady, I still am 8-months pregnant with a big belly and little discomforts here and there throughout the day. I look forward to the way I felt last summer: fully recovered from Riggs' birth and first year, fit and strong.

Best Moment This Week: Probably picking out the little headbands and things on Etsy. It makes it feel so real! (As if having a huge growth doesn't feel real, haha). And cuddling my big boy and watching him pat my belly and talk to his heart=melted. 


  1. Headband shopping is soooo addicting!!! Avalon only keeps hers on for about 10 minutes at a time, but I can't stop buying them!!

  2. I like that floral swaddle blanket. I'm sure it will look gorgeous!