Wednesday, May 29, 2013

is it really 80?!

It's been 80 degrees, blue skies, and sunshine here for the last couple of days, with Sunday being the only exception. We have been loving it! I think Riggs and I have spent more time outside than in other than for bedtime and naps. It has been so very nice, and I'm thankful! I hope there are more days like this throughout the summer, at least ten would be nice ;)

Monday Beka and her bf Carlo came out to visit, we had a great time eating ice-cream and meandering around the neighborhood. Riggs woke up from his nap when they first got there and clung to Beka like a little monkey, he loves snuggling with her!

Monday night we went to a BBQ at Sarah and Davids with her parents and we were having so much fun I didn't even have a chance to get any pictures. Riggs was so dirty from playing outside all day long but we didn't get home until 9:30 so he went to bed dirty. And I didn't even feel bad because he was so happy and worn-out and I just washed his sheets and blankie in the morning.

sweet little sleeper
and yes, that's how bright it is at 9:30pm
Yesterday we met Sarah and Lyla in Palmer for a 'run'. The run didn't go so well (that's what happens when you have a hungry toddler and a hot and sweaty baby-girl) so we scrapped it and went to lunch instead, always a good alternative ;). Then we walked, and walked, and walked and walked. It was so fun! We just marched around and talked all afternoon in downtown Palmer. I'm pretty sure we walked about 4 miles total by the time we headed our separate ways! So I guess we made up for the missed run.

Riggs is officially walking now, it only took him a full sixteen-months to get the hang of it. He is so funny now that he's decided to walk, he like speed walks from point-a to point-b. He'll take one slow step away from the kitchen island, and then walk as fast as he can with his arms out in front of him till he reaches the cabinets. He's so cute! We got him some more little shoes since he's outgrown his little wool booties (plus they're too hot and high up on his leg for right now anyway). Such a big boy!

Today I was walking around in my yard when I saw something that just made my afternoon. My little rhubarb plant that I planted last fall survived and seems to be thriving! I planted it last fall, and about a week later we had the huge windstorm that just ripped all the leaves off the little plant and I thought for sure it was a gonner.

Then after a fun Skype-meeting with Mitch we went to the river to play for a bit. I was just going to go on a walk and throw the ball for Tutka down the road, but it was just too hot and I knew he'd get completely over-heated. Fetching in the water is a lot better for him. Riggs played in the back of the truck, then drove his turtle around, and then played at the edge of the water.

He tasted some of the gravel, but decided it wasn't so palatable and spit it out all over himself. Then he wiped the wet gravely sand all over himself and the little log he found. So much fun for a little boy! He even stood in the water for a bit, which surprised me because it is really cold. Even with the 80 degree temps that water is like ice.

We had such a good time and I was reminded again of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. I love living out in the Valley so much and I'm so glad we moved here. We thought we'd like it, but it's such a great feeling to know that we don't just like it, we love it!

What have you been doing to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather?!

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  1. We've been outside quite a bit too. It was 84 degrees today. No complaints here from the is so nice to feel the sun.

    The area you live in is so beautiful. I love the atmosphere of Fairbanks, but it's not exactly photo worthy most of the time.