Monday, May 20, 2013

running: third week of may

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with how the week went for running, mostly just because Saturday's run was so pathetic. And also because I didn't go on Sunday even after having being so lazy Saturday. But it's done now and it's just more motivation to do better this week!

:: no running but we did go on a nice Mother's Day walk, which you can read about here.

:: 3.50 miles
:: 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes warm up
:: I split up my 'workouts' on Nike+ into three separate events so that I could more accurately track what I was doing. I was trying to work on speed. First I jogged about half a mile to warm up (which I didn't log on Nike+), then I did the first mile at a fast-ish (for me) pace, about 7/10. I did have the stroller, so that slowed me down a bit.

Then I ran slow and easy for about half a mile before doing the next mile just about as fast as I could force myself to run while pushing the stroller. It ended up being just under 8 minutes, so not that great. Then I just warmed down for a little over a mile and then stretched when I got home.

I'd really like to speed up my regular running pace, so I'll probably be doing at least two speed workouts each week.

:: I was pretty sore/tight after doing Monday's workout (I should have warmed up more before running so 'fast'), and I had a fun busy day in Anchorage, so I didn't even try to run.

:: 5.3 miles
:: 52:10 minutes
:: It was pretty windy out and I was not in the mood to go out running, but somehow I managed to force myself out the door and I decided to just do a long, easy (slow) run around the bigger loop by my house. I usually get kind of bored on longer runs, even with good music, so I was happy to discover that listening to an audiobook made the time/miles just sort of breeze right by. It's the longest I've run since I got before pregnant with Riggs (at least two years - sad) so I was happy that it was so 'easy' for me. Of course it helps that I barely ran faster than 10-minute-miles the entire way, but still.

:: 16.8 mile bike ride
:: about 85 minutes
:: Thursday I rode to Palmer and back towing Riggs in our little bike buggy. We went to Fred Meyer to grab some groceries. It was a really nice trip. I like biking between running days, it just feels good to stretch my legs and do something a little different. Riggs loves it too so it's a nice way to get out of the house for both of us.

I also picked up a battery for my bike computer at Freddy's
I love being able to track my rides and see how fast I'm going
:: 3.1 miles
:: 27:38
don't mind my face - I asked Steve to snap a few pictures before our run and these were all he got.
I guess he doesn't actually look at me while he's taking the picture lol
:: Steve came home early from work because of the rain/snow so I was able to go out and do a stroller-free run. I basically just tried to run the fastest I could for a 5k pace, but I did bring Tutka and it was pouring rain, so I would say it was probably more like a 7/10 effort at the most. It was a great run though and I felt really good afterwards.

really wet back in our driveway after running
:: 1.5 miles
:: 13:45 minutes
:: this run sucked. basically I put off running all day even though I knew I needed to go. Then I ate a huge peanut-butter brownie with vanilla icecream at the river while Steve threw the ball for Tutka. Then when we got home after Riggs went to bed I really really wanted to take a bath, but I just couldn't stop thinking about how I needed to run. So I put on some running gear and headed out for a very grumpy run. I told myself I'd just go around our little loop for a quick run and then get in the bath as soon as I got home.

I felt horrible the entire run because my stomach was so full of brownie and ice-cream and it usually takes me about 1.5 miles to warm up anyway and start to feel good running, so I really should have just kept going and run at least 3 miles. But I didn't. I guess I should be happy that I just went out and actually ran, even for just a mile and a half. This week I'll do better.

total mileage for the week: 13.52
I was hoping my mileage would be more around the 15 mile mark but I'm still happy to have gained about 2 miles from last week

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