Friday, May 10, 2013

mothers day thoughts

I can't believe that Sunday is going to be my second 'real' Mother's Day (if you count being pregnant too it would be my third - crazy). I've been seeing lots of posts and pins about Mother's Day, posts about gifts to get for loved ones, and about what the 'perfect' Mother's Day would look like.

I've been thinking a lot this morning about what would constitute the perfect day for me...what would be the best way to celebrate being a mother? Many people wish for a little more sleep, maybe an hour alone, breakfast in bed. Those things sound nice (except breakfast in bed - I've never understood that one. SO much easier to just eat at the table! I don't want food in my bed! maybe just having someone else prepare it and clean up would be the ticket ha) but they're not my ideal.

a perfect day...waking up a little after seven (my favorite time to wake up) to the sun streaming in the windows. Hearing Riggs playing in his crib as I do my morning kitchen routine - putting away the dishes and starting the coffee for Steve. Hearing Steve feed the dog and go in to say good morning to Riggs. Steve and I in Riggs' room, smiling and laughing as we change his diaper and get him dressed for the day. Seeing my two guys chattering and reading together at the island while I make some waffles and sausage and set out the plates and silverware and the maple syrup and raspberry lemonade. Sitting down to eat with them and reminding Riggs not to feed Tutka bits of his waffle. Rinsing the plates and letting Riggs down to play for a bit while Steve and I finish our conversation. Slipping on some sandals and sunglasses to sit in the front yard and read a magazine or a good book while Steve throws the ball for Tutka and pushes Riggs in the swing. Meeting up with friends or family for lunch and saving room for dessert. Heading back home for naptime - most likely for all three of us. Waking up and going on a family adventure outside - biking or hiking or just walking. Taking pictures of my guys and getting Steve to take some pictures of me too. Maybe stopping at the Green Store for some ice cream, and eating it at the picnic table in front of the store, chatting with the other locals who come and go. Coming home and making a salad and rice while Steve grills up some salmon for dinner. Hearing Steve and Riggs laughing together as Steve gives him a bath, while I clean up after dinner in the kitchen. Snuggling my clean, PJ clad little boy a bit before nursing him and laying him down sound asleep in his crib. Then snuggling a bit with Steve while we watch something on Netflix or 'iPhone' together. Taking a bath while Steve's outside doing stuff in the yard with Tut. Going to bed feeling blessed and very loved.

As I type this, I realize how lucky I am to have days like what I just described  all  the  time. Sure, there are a few frustrating moments most days and more than a few other days. There can be tears from Riggs, tense moments between me and Steve, a few heavy sigs and eye rolls. But overall, we are really just so happy and I am so thankful for the love that fills our home.

What would your perfect Mother's day be? Your normal routine without any drama? Or an extra-special day with lots of special treatment?

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  1. That sounds like an awesome day to me! I'd just throw a little running in there. ;)