Monday, May 13, 2013

running: second week of may

I'm really happy with how last week went as far as 'training' and working-out goes. I accomplished my goal of running four times and I managed to squeeze in cross-training on the other days. There were actually a lot of really nice days too so it was a real pleasure to spend lots of time outside.

:: no running or cross-training workout. we did walk to church if that counts for anything haha lol, it's about a 15 minute walk one way. 

:: 2.04 miles
:: 19:59 minutes
:: this ended up being a really stressful run. I tried to bring to Tutka off-leash on the run with me on the bike-path next to the Old Glenn closer to the Palmer end. He did good the first mile and then started to get a little too close to the road for my peace-of-mind. Usually he stays right with me when he's off the leash so I hadn't thought it would be a problem. But I couldn't focus on my run at all while trying to keep an eye Tutka. Then he actually did go up onto the shoulder of the road, and I just couldn't handle it anymore and I booked it back to the truck. So it was basically a run-fail.  

I need to get a waist halter for myself to attach Tutka's leash to so I can still push the stroller and bring along the dog once in a while. 

:: 3.05 miles
:: 26.33 minutes
:: This was a great run. Steve was home sick from work so I was able to go out stroller-free during Riggs' nap. It was a really good opportunity to focus on running and do a few intervals towards the end of the run. 

I walked about a half mile before I started running, and then ran about a mile and a half to warm up before I started intervals. For each interval, I just chose a starting point and a point that I would run to and I ran at a hard pace, about an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10. Then for the last interval, right at the end of the run, I ran as hard as I could as if I were finishing a race. I really like to do that on all my runs, it just feels good to stretch my legs and end on a fast note. When I finished the run, I walked about half a mile to 'cool down'.
walking back down the road to my house after my run :)

:: no run on Wednesday, I was busy with yard clean up. It was a completely gorgeous day, full sunshine and about 62 degrees the entire afternoon. I raked the whole yard and cleaned up all the little bits of trash that somehow manage to get scattered around the property during the winter. I also collected the cardboard from our storage area and took it down to the burn pit for having a fire later this month. It was a really productive day and it was so nice to get the yard cleaned up so Riggs can crawl around and explore.

:: 4.09 miles
:: 41:53 minutes
:: I went on a long easy run with my little sister - it is so much easier to run for a longer distance when you have someone to run with! We weren't running very fast because we were talking (I can't run faster than 9.5 minute miles and talk at the same time ha) but we did buckle down and do three or four short intervals at the end of the run. 

:: 6 mile bike ride
:: 25 minutes (with stops to check Riggs and to get a drink at the Green Store)
:: I skipped a run today and went on a bike ride instead. It was overcast when I started but really bright and I could see the sun starting to shine through the clouds. And it was warm (comparatively, about 60 degrees) and towards the end of my ride I had to take off my hoodie and finish in just a tank-top. I've been waiting so long to wear just a tank top outside and it was marvelous!

thought I'd take a picture of the Green Store since I talk about it so much ha
fancy, eh? 

I biked a loop out that's really close to my house and pretty quiet with barely any traffic. It goes right by the Jim Creek parking lot for those of you who know where that is. I also like to bike the Bodenburg Loop which is about 5 miles and has lots of cute little farms and horses to look as you bike by. Lots of good places to bike out in the Butte!

Riggy loved biking but wasn't so sure about the kisses ;)
so happy about tank-top weather! 

:: 2.3 miles
:: 22:02 minutes
:: 1 hour cardio class
:: Saturday was a great day for working-out. I got up early for cardio class at Edge Fitness - I even brought Riggs this time and let Steve sleep in - so nice ha. It was a really hard class too!

My legs and the sides of my butt were so sore, I decided to go for a walk later in the morning to sort of stretch them out. I walked for about a mile and then decided to just go for a run. I went pretty easy, stopping a few times to stretch, and it made my muscles a lot less sore and achey.

another sunny, 'warm' day - definitely sunscreen and tank-top weather for me!
total mileage for the week: 11.5 miles

Overall it was a great week for me and I was happy that I achieved my goal of running four times. This week I'd like to run four times again and up my mileage a bit to do at least two four mile runs. I'd also like to do two runs without the stroller if I can manage it. I really prefer to run first thing in the morning before I eat breakfast because it gives me great energy throughout the day and it just feels better on my stomach. But I think I might try running at night once a week after Riggs has gone to bed once Steve gets home from work. Then I can do one run on the weekend when Steve is home to leave Riggs with in the morning. I don't think that will be an option for much longer however since Steve is going to start working six days a week again really soon.

If you're a mom who runs, how do you fit in more 'serious' runs where you can really focus? I have such a hard time really getting the best workout possible when I have to hold onto the stroller with one hand. I mean I still get a pretty good workout but I'm just not able to run as well as I would by myself. Any input or advice would be really appreciated! :)

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