Sunday, May 5, 2013


It was a busy weekend. Right now I wish I could just curl up in bed and sleep for two days. We did lots of things and went lots of places and didn't get much sleep (at least I didn't).

We went to Target and had a little glimpse of what Riggs would look like as a girl (so cute).

I actually wore something other than yoga pants or running clothes on Friday and went to Anchorage to spend the night at my parents. They got an awesome new camper trailer that we went over and looked at after picking up my little sister from the airport (getting back from college yay).

Saturday we spent many hours in the truck to go get tires for the Jeep, but we still had lots of fun together as a family. The boys were excited about the mud tires Steve got, and I was happy about the cute pictures of them being so excited.

I obviously can't write very coherently, so I'll just post some pictures and go lay somewhere in my sweatpants. Hope you've had a happy Sunday!

three silly gooses in a row
please let it be nearly 60 and sunny on Friday!


  1. It's supposed to warm up later this week...please God!! I need some good sunshine (not just this light crap that lasts all day, haha)

    Really though, at least it's not 30 below.

    It's pretty fun to dress up and get into a bigger town. Riggs looks cute as a girl :)

  2. I was so excited to see that 59 for Friday!!! Spring might actually be here!

  3. I love those pink pants! Where are they from?

  4. @Miranda - wouldn't he have been such a cute girl? ;)

    @Lauren - I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for high 50's!!

    @Michelle - thanks! they're from the Gap...the skinny legging jean skimmers. I love them except they stretch out sooooo much like you probably need to get two sizes too tight in the store for them to still fit after stretching out lol

  5. love those pants and your scarf! can't believe its in the 30s in May though! and 57 is not warm ahahaha you Alaskan's are funny.

  6. Good to know! I might have to check them out this weekend. :)

  7. Riggs with the yellow flower i s Lina... crazy! They would fall in love if they met some day <3