Thursday, May 2, 2013

wish list: victoria's secret

It's windy and rainy out tonight so I've cuddled up with my laptop to do some online window shopping. I really want a new swimsuit, and I am about *this* close to ordering one from Victoria's Secret. I went to their website tonight and saw that until May 7th, you get a cute VS tote bag free with any swimwear purchase, so that might just sweeten the deal enough for me to actually order the stuff that's in my shopping bag.

I want a bikini with underwire in the top. I never feel like bikini's have enough support up top without underwire, and I love the styles and patterns they have at VS. Anyone I've talked to has loved the swimwear they've gotten from there too, so that helps. 

I've mostly purchased swimsuits from Gap and J.Crew in the past, and I actually haven't been very happy with how any of the Gap suits have held up. My latest one has been worn less than 10 times and is already all faded and weird on the back of the bottoms. Not attractive at all, and they weren't exactly cheap enough to justify wearing out so quick. 

I've loved all the J.Crew suits that I've gotten, but none of their new ones really stand out to me. I do have this one from J.Crew still but it's too big around the rib cage and doesn't offer enough support for me.

I have my eye on two suits from Victoria's Secret, and I'm debating whether or not I should just get one or both. It's nice to have variety but we are going to Hawaii this winter and there are lots and lots of suits there and it would be fun to pick a few out in person. So maybe just one for now? 

Here's the two I have my eye on:

I love the black with leopard trim but I also love that the green one has a little bit more coverage. Any feedback would be appreciated, tell me which you like better!


  1. Green goes with your beautiful eyes

  2. I prefer the green one. The thicker straps give a little more coverage and look like the would resist a complete reveal by a baby yanking on your top ;), it would be easy to nurse in (always a plus, haha)

    I'm just in awe you are able to look great in a bikini after kids.

  3. @CES thank you:)

    @ Miranda - such a good point about the yanking! Thank you so much! And I wouldn't quite call what I look like in a bikini great haha, but thank you:)

  4. I mixed and matched my VS swimsuit, so I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I also chose a printed top and solid bottoms.