Sunday, May 26, 2013

we love weekends!

Steve's watching some NASA show on Netflix and I'm getting distracted from finishing this blog post by the vibrant, green leaves(!) on the branches swaying outside our window. Every time I look out and see them I just get so happy. It's finally spring and nearly summer!

Friday we were happily surprised when Steve got home a little early from work, and we ate dinner then let Riggs 'air out' in the warm evening sun before his bath and bed. There is just something so dang cute about seeing a squishy little bum playing out in the yard - just makes my heart melt. 

Saturday we woke up to clear blue skies and the golden light of the sun rising up over the mountains and shining in our window. I went for a run and then we started our day. I wore shorts and it felt wonderful! By 11am it was already so warm out, I knew it was going to be a glorious day. I hung out in the yard with Tutka during Riggs' nap, impatient for him to wake up so he could come out and play.

After Riggs woke up, we headed down the road a bit to meet Steve's friend for shooting some clay and taking the dogs down to the lake. It was so gorgeous and the weather was seriously to die for, a perfect Alaskan day.

The dogs had fun swimming together, although Tutka was a little too dedicated to finding his ball. He's a crazy swimmer and loves being in the water, we had to force him to leave. He kept taking his ball back and just standing in the water looking at us like, "Just one more time?!"

Then we drove up to a little shooting range down the road/trail to shoot some skeet. I stayed in the cab for a bit with Riggs because there was another dude and his kids out shooting and I didn't feel comfortable getting Riggs very close to them - I don't trust other people's shooting skills around my baby!

But after they left we got out and he hung out in the bed of the truck playing in the dirt. I watched the guys and then even shot a few myself - it was actually really fun. My shoulder was pretty sore afterwards though, and it's a little bruised today. Oops! Need to work on my form haha. Riggs was so cute in his little ear muffs and he did so good keeping them on the whole time!

When we got home it was just still too nice to go inside so we played in the yard all afternoon and didn't go in until after dinner when it was getting close to Riggy's bedtime. I got him a little beach bucket last week and he loved playing with it, stacking the cups, throwing them across the yard and most of all digging in the gravel of the driveway and putting the rocks in his turtle push-toy. So much fun! We also read from his National Geographic Kids magazine and went on a family walk together. 

When we went inside for the day, Riggs went right into the bath then got in his pjs and we read a little bit in the living room before bed time. I'm so glad that he loves books so much, partially because I love reading and am happy to share that with him and partially because it's the only time (other than nursing - which is only once before bed now) that he sits still in my lap!

Today was a bit busier but still fun. We headed to Wasilla to pick up a backhoe from Steve's boss for work, then went to church, then came home and got to work. Riggs shocked Steve and I and was terrified of the back-hoe when it was moving around. I guess I can understand why, it's so loud and big, but I just assumed he would like it! He didn't mind it when it wasn't moving, and even wanted to climb up in it to sit in Steve's lap, and he even ran the controls for a minute or two ;) but then he started to get scared as it got louder and he had to come back to the safety of mama's arms.

He didn't mind watching Steve work in the backhoe from afar as I was with him, and he happily played in the yard the entire afternoon. I wasn't a very happy camper because the mosquitos were swarming me and I had to keep moving to avoid bites (I got at least 10 ugh). We sort of lost track of time and had to wash Riggy in the sink really quick before getting him into bed late at about 7:30 - he was asleep almost instantly! It was a fun day but I'm pretty tired and can't wait to go climb into bed.

Hope your weekend has been fun so far, we're going to have another fun day in the sun tomorrow! Happy Memorial Day and be sure to thank a Veteran tomorrow (or two or ten)!

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  1. They always sleep so good after a spending their days outside!