Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Riggs room (and what I wish it looked like)

I've posted before about Riggs' room, but I've added more things lately and I think a nursery really changes once your baby can actually play, and open drawers, and pull things off shelves. We definitely had to adjust things once Riggs was more mobile.

I've spent less than $50 total on everything for his room (his crib, changing table, and rocking chair were all gifts from my parents), and so I have to say considering that I'm extremely happy with how it looks. I have to admit, I often wish I could just spend as much as I needed to make his room 'perfect' - especially as he is getting older and spending more and more time in his room. I love this tribal themed nursery over on Fawn Over Baby, and I would love to incorporate that look into Riggs' room at some point. I seriously love it!

Anyway, here is Riggs room - his little world with all of his earthly possessions :)

I love this picture of Steve holding a fish he caught from when he was little, I smile everytime I see it 

Rick (Steve's dad and Riggy's 'Opa') handmade this amazing mobile from pieces he found while beach-combing over at his home in Little Tutka Bay. Obviously it is really special to all three of us.
diaper drawer
we use Bum Genius Elementals, athough I'm pretty seriously
considering selling the cloth diapers and just getting an Honest diaper subscription...

all of Riggs toys live in these two baskets and the bins under the bed
also there's that wood box with stuffed animals
we're not huge fans of toys, he doesn't really play with them that much anyway!

Riggs loves his train set and musical instruments
he hasn't quite figured out how to put the train tracks together though
he'd rather take them apart after me or Steve put them together ;)


  1. Adorable little nursery!! I love those coveralls hanging on those cute hooks!! Love!

  2. Love it - especially the mobile made by grandpa