Tuesday, May 7, 2013

today | sickies, the park, and some molars

Sometimes even though things don't go perfectly in a day, it can still be really, really good. That's how our day was today. Steve was up a lot in the night because he's super sick and congested. At 4:30am I got up to feed Riggy and when I came back to bed Steve was up letting his foreman know that he wouldn't be able to make it to work. We both tried to go back to sleep but didn't have too much luck. I think we both finally dozed off right around 6:45, and our lovely little baby was up at 7:15, ready to start the day.

We had sort of a lazy morning, and at the last minute packed into the truck to go to Lap Sit at the library. I made Steve go too, even though he really didn't want to get out of his recliner - ha. I told him the fresh air would be good for him, but secretly I just wanted him to see how cute Riggs is at Lap Sit. Only when we got to the library, it was closed for training. Oops. We had driven to town so I decided to hop over to the big park just a few blocks away where Riggs could at least do something fun.

It was hilarious to push him in the swing and see him kicking and laughing so hard - he really loved it! We got some cute pictures of us taking turns pushing Riggy, and Steve got a hilarious video. I thought he was taking a picture but he was actually filming - so don't mind my ditziness in it. I swear I was meant to be a blonde ha.

I went on a kid-free and more importantly stroller-free run while Riggs was napping and it just happened to be the sunniest part of the whole day. It was lovely to feel the sun, I almost had to take off my long-sleeve zip-up and just run in my tank! Then we sort of dinked around before going to Steve's doctor appointment for his sickness.

As we got closer to bedtime I must admit I started thinking a lot about how it would go. It hasn't been going well for the last two weeks out of nowhere, even though I know it's because he's getting his bottom molars in and hitting a lot of new milestones. I caught myself starting to worry and said a quick prayer and instantly felt a whole lot better. I made dinner and gave Riggs a bath and then started our bedtime routine. He didn't cry when I put him down, but I went to take a bath and read a bit (can't hear the cries over the bathwater running, I know, I'm a baby) in case he did need to cry a bit. After about twenty minutes I could still hear him crying after I had turned the water off, so I got out and went in to try and nurse him some more. He snuggled right in and and comfort-nursed for about fifteen minutes and drifted off to sleep, still nursing occasionally even in his sleep.

I held him for a good ten minutes while he slept, just looking at his beautiful little face and trying to memorize how it felt to hold that warm little body, with his arms up by his face holding his lovey and his long legs dangling down by my side. Although I admit that I initially felt frustrated when I could still hear his cries after shutting the water off, from the moment I entered his room and saw his tear-streaked face and his little arms stretched up to me I was so happy that I'd gone in again and gotten the chance to comfort him. Being a mama is so hard and yet so very rewarding - I can't even begin to put into words how much I love him and how thankful I am to have him in my life.

And now as I sit here and type this, I feel so happy and content with where I am in my life and with the little family God has blessed me with. What a lovely Tuesday :)


  1. Really enjoy your blog - thanks for sharing! I think our boys are about the same age. We had sleep issues for B's first 8 months (plus colic in the beginning) and even though he's a pretty great sleeper now, like you, I still get frustrated when he doesn't go down easy. The big disturbances are sickness, teething, and milestones. It always helps me a bit to know that it's just a detour on our journey and we'll get back on track eventually. But gosh, is it hard in the meantime! Hope those molars come in soon. :-)

  2. @Audry - thanks for the encouragement, it really is so frustrating at times!

  3. I´m still smiling about the pic Riggy climbing into the bathtub... pure cuteness!

    We have a crazy, aweful, protracted, frustrating sleeping period too. I love having Lina in my arms even midst night and hearing her feeding but I´m so tired for weeks now I have bad mood very often... and I´m definitely not used to this! So I hope she will get better sleeping habits as soon as possible!