Monday, May 20, 2013

weekending (one day late)

We had such a nice weekend...

Saturday we woke up to soft snow still falling silently down on the trees and yard.
There was about an inch or two, but the sun came out by noon and it quickly melted away.
Riggs entertained himself in the morning while I vacuumed and tidied up.

We went for a late breakfast at the Green Store.
Steve and Riggs waited patiently for their food:

 When we got home we put on our jackets and went for a walk down the street.
Riggs brought turtle, of course.

Then Riggs did some Jeep stuff with Steve.
We were so happy to feel the warm sun.

After Riggs took a late-afternoon nap, we went into town for some pizza.
Humdingers is amazing, and we have been craving it nearly everyday.
I got the 'drive in' - which was literally like a cheeseburger on a pizza - sooo good!

Then we went to the river to throw the ball for Tutka.
He loves swimming in the river and chasing fetch after fetch
It was beautiful with the light dusting of snow.

 Sunday we went to Anchorage in the morning.
Riggs and I went to church at my parents church while Steve got a massage.
Then we did some errands and hurried back to enjoy the blue-skies and sunshine in our yard.

Riggs played with the rocks nearly the entire time.
Even Steve got in on the rock throwing action.
Guess who got to put all the rocks back?
Well it wasn't me. I thought it would be too.
But Riggs was just as happy to throw them back in
as he had been to throw them out!

 We were bad and got pizza at Humdingers again.
It was soo good.
We picked it up this time and took it down to the river,
where we scarfed it down in the sunshine.
Tutka was a tired pup by the time we made it back home.

Riggs and I are missing Steve today, but we are so thankful for the sunshine.
Do you (Alaskan's) have any plans to enjoy the sunshine today?


  1. Took a pregnant waddle (instead of a walk) to the store and we got in some serious gravel throwing too. My boy is a bit older than Riggs (2 1/2) but I think it's so funny that we dress them almost the same! Carharts and flannel make Alaskan boys look so handsome. And we are also Jeep people. :)

  2. @Amy - Good job getting out with a toddler while being pregnant! Sounds exhausting! We love our little Alaskan boy :) Thanks for stopping by!!