Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sunny summer days in Palmer

The weather here has just been unreal for the last couple of weeks. This week it was in the eighties nearly every single day, which is just not normal for Alaska. We've been loving it! I wish the mosquitos weren't so bad at our house so that we could be outside in our own yard. Instead, we've been going into Palmer nearly everyday to enjoy the little breeze and the nearly bug-free atmosphere. Luckily there's lots to do downtown, all within walking distance. I love being able to park the truck and walk wherever we want to go.

Friday Fling Fun!
Every Friday Palmer hosts an outdoor market with food, homemade goodies, and lots of activities and music called the Friday Flings. Last week I met up with Sarah, her mom and her MIL and we walked around and enjoyed the hot, sunny day together with our babies. Then since Steve was working late we went over for dinner at Sarah's parents house. It was lovely!

Since the summer reading program started Riggs and I have made it a habit to go to the Library first thing on Monday mornings. We used to go on Tuesday mornings for baby lapsit, but I have a ladies Bible study this summer that meets at that time so we'll have to wait for fall to go to lapsit again (and then Riggs will be in the toddler class...excuse me while I wipe away my tears!!). We log the books we read for the summer reading program from the past week, then we pick out some new books to check out. After we're done there we almost always go and play at the park next door. It's a memorial for the original colonists that settled the Palmer area as part of President Roosevelt's 'New Deal' - you can read all about it here. Riggs loves to walk around in circles and look up at the flags, pointing to each one each time he makes a lap around them.

I just love living in a community that feels so small and close-knit yet has lots of places for us to go and learn and enjoy the sunny summer days. Do you have favorite places to take your kids to enjoy the summer days?

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