Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Riggs at seventeen months

Riggs is seventeen months old today. I'll tell you, seventeen months is so exciting! The difference between Riggy a month ago and today is quite amazing. He is walking. He is talking a lot more - 'my dadda' is his new favorite phrase. He is eating by himself. He is an independent man-child (in his mind) who wants to do things by-him-self. He is a sobbing little cling-on when I drop him off for nursery, every single week...and then he's happily playing five minutes later. He's got mosquito bites covering his face, legs and hands, and scratches and bruises on both knees.

He loves reading and going to the library. He wants to walk, everywhere. He will just walk and walk and walk. We went to the Loussac Library today in Anchorage and he just walked in circles around the fountain, over and over. I wanted him to stop so I could get a good picture, but he had walking to do! I love this age so much, things have gotten a little easier and we have less need for a schedule than we did a few months ago. Not that scheduling is bad, I love having a rhythm to our days, but it's nice to be able to let him stay up light a night or two each week when we get together with friends. Every time he gets a little bit older I find myself both loving all the new things he does and saddened by the things he's outgrowing that I'm slowly forgetting, no matter how hard I try not to. Being a mama is hard work, physically and emotionally, but I'm so thankful that I get to be one. 

Happy seventeenth months to my sweet little scraped up boy!


  1. Love that boy too! Thanks for popping in today :-)

  2. Evie has scrapes all over her legs too. . . She loves to be outside - it looks like Riggs does too. :)

  3. He is so adorable & I LOVE the name Riggs! So cute!