Sunday, June 30, 2013


Fun at the park with family...

getting adjusted at Whole Family Chiropractic; we love Dr. Jessica...

love getting text messages with pictures from Steve
he sent the seflie for Riggs to see him at work
it's his new favorite picture...

 how is this possible?
he feels so heavy to me!

finally, some rain...

playing at the river and the resulting giant fly bite

afternoon bike-ride
the bugs can't get him in there...

baking cookies with mama
he loved eating the butter
and the chocolate chips...

While we were biking and baking, daddy was out 4x4ing with friends...

Today we went down to the river to play on the beach
and throw the ball for Tutka...

 It got a little chilly so Riggs put on his raincoat.
There's just something so cute about a toddler in a yellow raincoat,
with his arms reaching out running towards his dadda...

Riggs was throwing the ball for Tutka.
He threw it in the water, but Tutka didn't get it fast enough.
(he was staying like a good boy till Steve said he could get it)
So Riggs decided he would go in and get it.
He fell face first into the freezing river
and came up sputtering, but not crying.
Once he caught his breath, he held up the ball
and yelled, "Ball!" very triumphantly with a proud smile.
Such a boy!
see the puddle at his feet? ha

What a lovely weekend. I'm so sad it's over, I feel like I barely got to see Steve! Good thing he gets a four-day weekend for the Fourth of July! I'm so excited for family time:)


  1. Looks like a fun family weekend. From wire high to face plants in the Knik. Can wait to snuggle with you in July.


  2. Oh, what fun! I can't wait to move up there :) I'm about to go make chocolate chip cookies right now too and am eating the chips as I read your blog. Woops!

    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Those butter pictures are too cute... Gully's a big fan of butter and would eat it for a snack if I let him.

  4. Oh my word! Those pictures of Riggs helping you bake warms my heart! I am so excited for Gabriel to be my little kitchen helper! Also, tell me more about taking Riggs to the Chiropractors!