Thursday, June 20, 2013

mama&baby roadtrip!

Wednesday Sarah and I packed up our babies and drove about 177 miles from Wasilla (where I picked Sarah up) to Sterling, a little town on the Kenai Peninsula. Our final destination was Higher Ground Baptist Bible Camp, where we used to go each summer when we were kids. Sarah's sister and her husband (Pastor Justyn - he was one of the speakers) were staff at camp there for the week and we wanted to visit them and the camp director and his family, who we've both known for years.

It was Lyla's first long trip, and she did amazing! She literally slept the entire 3.5 hours on the way there and on the way back. Riggs did pretty well, he slept about half the trip both ways and was awake and onery the rest of the time;). It was a really fun trip and we had a great time visiting with everyone when we got there. I wasn't sure how the night would go since we would all be sleeping in a camper together, but it actually went pretty well! Riggs stayed up way past his bedtime then went to sleep in his pack-n-play. I accidentally woke him up from deep sleep at about 12:30am and he cried and screamed, all the while never opening his eyes. But I finally got him to really wake up and then he was able to calm down again and go to sleep (with me in a tiny bunk, I might add). I didn't sleep much because I was worried about waking him up, but it was really sweet to watch his sweet little face while he slept.

In the morning I made a quick trip to Homer to grab something for my parents then I stopped back by camp to grab Sarah and say our goodbyes and we headed back home. So much fun! 

Riggs got to 'help' Rachel play piano while the two sisters practiced a song together
so cute!

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