Thursday, June 13, 2013

Liebster Award Questions Answered!

Saturday my friend Melissa over at Fawn Over Baby nominated me for a Liebster Award*! Since I was already nominated last year and participated then, I'm not going to do the whole 'shebang' again and nominate other people, but I thought it'd be fun to share 11 random facts about myself and to answer Melissa's questions :)

| 1 |
I believe in God and prayer and the Bible
My favorite verses right now are found in Colossians chapter 3, verses 12-17.
| 2 |
I love living out in 'the country'
| 3 |
I was born in Anchorage, Alaska 
and have lived in Alaska all the 26 years of my life
| 4 |
Like Melissa I grow more and more fearful of flying the older I get
which is weird, since I used to love taking trips
| 5 |
I want to travel around Canada and the lower-48 states in a camper with Steve 
and see lots of National Parks and historical monuments
this would seriously be my dream vacation
| 6 |
I love traditional gospel hymns
| 7 |
I also love country music
| 8 |
I refuse to eat shrimp 
| 9 |
We were going to name Riggs 'Rowan' up until about a week before he was born
We even have Rowan in our maternity pictures
and I made a stocking for him with Rowan on it...but man he is just such a Riggs!
| 10 |
The only other places I've lived other than Anchorage are 
Homer, where Steve grew up, and Palmer, where we live now (and love!)
| 11 |
Becoming a mother has changed my life in ways I never imagined 
and I thank God every single day for the precious gift that is our son

  1. What inspires you the most these days? Summer and leaves and blue sky and sunshine.
  2. What are your hopes and dreams for your blog? I want to have a record of our lives during Riggs' early childhood and I want to enjoy writing and keeping it. I also love connecting with other people that I would never have 'met' if it weren't for blogging. 
  3. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Right where I am now. Second choice: Author living in a sweet little house somewhere writing bestselling novels.
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Right where I live now, Palmer, Alaska. Other choices would probably be certain parts of Canada, or Ireland. Or Scotland. Or England. 
  5. Where were you born and where do you currently live now? Born in Anchorage, AK. Live in Palmer, AK.
  6. What is your favorite comfort food? French toast with warm maple syrup.
  7. What is your favorite indulgence? Going out to eat with just Steve somewhere fancy, and not worrying about Riggs the whole time.
  8. Who is your favorite author and why? L. M. Montgomery. Every single one of her books is so full of feeling and the characters so believable and lovable and the descriptions so real and beautiful. They're like old friends to me.
  9. If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be? Prince Harry? I've always wanted to be friends with him, he seems really fun and princely. Maybe Kate Middleton too. Yes, I'm a little obsessed with British royals...
  10. Where is your "Go-to" place to shop online? To be honest, I hate to shop online. I guess Amazon would be where I have purchased the most items online. College books, and baby stuff and camera accessories. For clothing, probably J.Crew, but I think Lululemon might be on it's way to being my new favorite.
  11. Do you have a DIY project that you are most proud of? ( share link if available) Probably some of my sewing projects are what I'm most proud of. Last year I made a quilt for my nieces birthday and I just loved how it turned out. Click here to see all my posts labeled sewing. 
*The word Liebster is German and means dearest or lovely. The award is given to newer blogs with 200 or less actual followers and provides a nice way for fellow bloggers to meet and publicize their site to the general public. If you would like to know more just give it a Google. While it isn't an actual award, it is still so nice to be recognized.



  1. Call me nosey but I LOVE reading personal questionnaires. You learn so much about someone in a short quick read :)
    Thank you for posting Whitney!!

  2. French toast was one of my 'go-to' pregnancy foods. LOVE!

    Once again, thanks for stopping by Root&Blossom!