Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Peanut-Butter Berry Smoothie

I love smoothies. We have a smoothie of some sort every single day. Sometimes we drink our smoothie at breakfast and other days we eat our smoothies with a spoon for lunch. Riggs often has something else in addition to his smoothie, like half a waffle or a scrambled egg, but I usually just have the smoothie. 

Smoothies are pretty tricky to me, since they're a treat to eat (I whip one up for myself sometimes at night when I'm craving a cold treat) and since you can stuff them full of all sorts of super-foods. I've found they're a great option for babies/toddlers too instead of making specific 'baby-food' just for them. I can sneak half an avocado into a smoothie and Riggs greedily slurps it down, when he won't touch avocado by itself. 

We try many different smoothie variations from week to week, but this recipe is definitely our favorite by far. It's so smooth and filling and just the right amount of sweet. I think the peanut-butter is my favorite part - or it could be the sprinkle of mini-chocolate chips I add to my cup ;). I played with the ingredients a few days in a row before getting it just right, but I can assure you now, it's perfect. Sometimes we use cow's milk and sometimes we use coconut milk, it kind of depends on my mood. It tastes great either way, so any milk you have will probably work just fine.

It's makes the perfect amount for Riggs and I, and it's filling enough to act as a meal for both of us. Sometimes we eat it with a spoon, and sometimes we drink down like you would a normal smoothie. I always add Riggs' probiotic powder to his smoothie and he has never noticed or seemed to mind it at all.

He really likes to drink his in his Pura sippy cup, and I often add a tiny splash of milk after he's drank most of the smoothie to get the rest of the leftovers in the cup that are sort of slow moving so we don't waste any. Yum!

As you can see, he loves it! If you're a big smoothie drinker, be sure to share a link to your favorite smoothie recipe in the comments. I always love trying new ones!

Also, it's National Running Day today, did you get out and pound some pavement? We went on a run this morning then came home and enjoyed our yummy smoothies! They're a great choice for after a run :)

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  1. sounds great for this southern heat! I'll have to try this soon...I love this smoothie recipe:
    Mango Smoothie