Thursday, June 13, 2013

Saari Family Pictures - out by the river in the sun

Today my older sister and her family came out to my neck of the woods so that I could take some family pictures for them. I love getting the chance to practice my photography skills on someone other than my poor little Riggy. It was such a beautiful day, although it was a challenge to get the lighting right with all the direct sunshine. We battled hoards of mosquitos but managed to have fun and get lots of cute pictures despite those pesky little bugs! I just love how these photos turned out, and of course it helps when you have such cute subjects!

I was able to get so many great pictures of her boys, Corbin and Noah. They did so well listening and taking direction, and Corbin had lots of creative ideas for poses too, so helpful ;) It was definately a challenge to try and get great shots with 'so many' people (compared to just one person haha) but I am so thankful for the opportunity to practice and see which 'poses' and settings work best.

I wanted to get a few of the more traditional, posed family shots but I also really wanted to capture the personality this little family has. We included their sweet dogs, Toy Australian Shepherds Willow and Oakley and they had a blast running around while we took the pictures.

I managed to squeeze Riggs into a few of the pictures with his cousins, man we make some cute kids in our family! Kelsey did a great job picking out little outfits for the boy, they looked so big and grown up in their little button-up shirts! I love this picture of Corbin holding Riggs because it really captures his sweet spirit and how much he loves that little baby.


  1. Awesome photos Whitney. Love them all, but especially think the one of the boys facing each other with that branch between them captures exactly what they look like when they are talking to each other. So perfect!!!

  2. These are fabulous! What a good looking family as well!
    Lena at RootandBlossom

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