Monday, June 24, 2013


We have had some great weekends lately, but they have been busy. This weekend we decided we were going to take it easy, stay in the Valley, and make no plans ahead of time. It worked! We had such a laid back weekend. Saturday Riggs came to our bed to snuggle for a while and read books with Daddy. Then we sort of just hung out around the house, before taking Tutka down to the River to play some fetch and get a swim in. 

The weather was nice again this weekend too and we loved it! We got a last minute invite to a BBQ/bonfire, and we had fun hanging out and eating good food and seeing how late Riggs could stay up without having a complete meltdown - ha. I tried to put him in the Ergo around 9 to see if he'd asleep, but everything was just too exciting. I think we finally decided to just head home around since Riggs wouldn't fall asleep there and we knew he needed at least a little sleep that night. He didn't even fall asleep right away in the car, it took about 15 minutes, which is just crazy for him! ,

The guys set up a 'zip-line' in the trees next to the house and that provided some hilarious entertainment throughout the night. Us girls kept waiting for somebody to get hurt, but surprisingly there were no trips to the ER, just a couple of scratches and bruises. 

Sunday I could not get out of bed, and Steve got up with Riggs around 8 and let me sleep. Riggs was so tired that he was ready for another nap at 9:30. He slept till like, 1:30! It was crazy, but I figured he would be tired from the late night. We went into Palmer for 'brunch' and to get outside a little bit away from the hoards of mosquitos at our house.

When we got home Riggs fell asleep watching Curious George in our room, so I put him back in his crib, where he slept for another two hours. Such a little sleep head!

As you can see in these pictures he is all cuddled up with one of our pillows. So I had a question, when (if ever) did you start putting a pillow in your baby's crib? He really seems to love it but I'm a little worried about him somehow standing on it and using it to climb out of his crib. Thoughts? Help a first time mom out! haha

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  1. I am no help here, we did co-sleeping and then straight to toddler beds.