Thursday, June 6, 2013

the last 24 hours

This is what my poor little baby looks like today.
He is fussy. tired. itchy. basically all around miserable.
I am too.
I despise mosquitos.

Our day started out pretty normal.
I loaded Riggs into the carseat, with a window partially down in the truck, then ran into the house to grab my water bottle and make sure the dog was in the kennel. When I came back out, at the most, three minutes later, our truck was engulfed in a cloud of tiny mosquitos. 

I rushed down and jumped in, shut the window and grabbed my sweater to start swatting the 20 or 30 that were in the truck. It was horrible and I felt so bad for poor Riggy who had been suffering the entire time (without even knowing it, he was happy as a clam). 

I thought maybe it was just because it had been early in the morning, so we tried to get out and enjoy the sunshine later in the day. We got about 20 feet down the road in front of our house and were swarmed again, so I literally grabbed Riggs and ran home as fast as I could. Maybe I'm dramatic, but I hate mosquito bites, so I really didn't want to get any. And I didn't want Riggs getting anymore either. 

Since we couldn't get out and enjoy the day at our house we packed up and headed to the Library. We went in and played and looked at books then headed back outside to walk around out in the sunshine. It was great. I noticed a few small bites on Riggy's face and felt bad. I had no idea how bad I'd feel later...

We went home and it was business as usual. Riggy went to sleep fine. Then he woke up at 10:45, all swollen and feeling horrible and wide awake. Until 3:00am. When he finally went back to sleep. It was a horrible blur. Luckily he just wanted to cuddle close and didn't cry the whole time, but I was so so so tired. I was so glad he finally went back to sleep. I started to feel like he never would, poor baby.

This morning he woke up even more swollen but a lot less fussy, he was back to his normal, happy self. I had scheduled a doctors appointment and decided to keep it just to be on the safe side, especially since his eyes were so swollen.

We had a nice time walking around downtown Palmer in the sun before the appointment.
We went to Turkey Red and got a croissant for Riggs, his favorite.
I still can't get over how cute he is just walking along by himself.

Overall today was pretty good.
He only took a 20 minute morning nap before he woke up itching again.
Then after his afternoon nap he woke up itchy and cranky and clingy.
Poor thing!

We gave him an oatmeal bath before bed hoping it would help him sleep better.
I guess we'll see!


  1. Poor poor baby (and mama)!

  2. Awwww...that's so sad! Hope he feels better soon. Last year I let my kids play swimsuit-less at a friend's house in Talkeetna and in the few minutes it took to grab the bug spray from the car one of my girls got bitten on her bum. Sooo miserable!

  3. Hello, your friendly Herbalist speaking here! Plantain (Plantago major or Plantago lancelata) is a plant that is abundant in the PNW and can be used as a quickly-effective anti-itch remedy. Here's a link ( to a site with a good picture and some info.. definitely do a google image search until you feel like you recognize it (once you do you'll see it everywhere!).

    Make sure there are stringies coming from the bottom after you pick it (Arnica kind of looks like the more slender form of Plantain and is not safe--not sure if it grows in AK). Then simply grab a handfull, chew, then put the spit poultice on the mosquito bite! Quick, simple remedy for the backwoods.

    Message me if you have any questions :)

  4. This is so horrlble! I really feel sorry for Riggy and you... hope this all is over soon! Hugs

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I just found your blog today via fawn over baby. I also live here in Alaska (I'm in anchorage actually) and I can tooootally relate to this post!!! Just today alone my poor baby has Mosquitos munching on her a handful of times. I swat at them and it scares her so bad that she starts whimpering. Ugh!!! I do NOT remember them being this bad last year!!!!